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Tour de Bayou 2010

Unknown to me living way out here in the ‘burbs, the HARRA (Houston Area Road Runners Association) has been holding a Tour de Bayou for several years. The Tour de Bayou is a series of runs in the parks and bayous of Houston, with the tracks laid out to create hills (which, if you’ve been to Houston, is a neat trick). The runs are free, and my hat is off to HARRA and the volunteers who set these up.

I’d taken a break from running in February and the first half of March to let my knees and my IT Band un-swell, and this seemed like excellent punishment to get myself back into it.

For those of you that don’t run in Houston, it is one of the flattest places to run (which I imagine is one reason why the US Olympic Marathon trials will be held here) and in April it starts to warm up. At the 6pm start time for these races it was upper 70s or lower 80s.

My notes on each of the legs are below. Bottom line: it was a lot of fun, a great way to visit some of the parks around town and I will certainly do it next year, hopefully in good health.

Stage 1: Spots Park; 3.1 miles; 28:40; 9:15 pace
79 OverAll; 42 Masters Men
Theme: Show up, sign up, run up and throw up (more…)

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