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Hope Outdoor Gallery

Austin paint park – the Hope Outdoor Gallery

Hope Outdoor GalleyOur son turned us on to this massive, ever-changing paint park at 11th and Baylor near downtown Austin, Texas called the Hope Outdoor Gallery (website). Their website says this started in March 2011. There’s something new to see on every visit, since artists (and kids who want to be artists) are always painting over the old art – just watch where you step or you might get wet paint on the bottom of your shoe like my daughter did. Their Facebook page has a good collection of some of the major works through time.

We visited just before Christmas. There were several painters, lots of paint cans and kids running around writing their names with spray cans. And there were some impressive images. Supposedly you need a permit and need to submit a sketch, but I doubt most of the young kids running loose with spray cans had gone through this process (just a guess).

The castle behind it is called…wait for it…The Castle, owned by Castle Hill Partners because it is on Castle Hill. On the grounds there are several cannons, assumably to ward of any attempt by painters to breach the walls.

The video below shows the size of the gallery, and a few people painting (and filming the artist painting while I’m filing them, how meta!).

A few photos of images below (and yes, that is my lovely wife and daughter in the photos):

Hope Outdoor Gallery







The artists climb into every hole, nook and cranny…and even paint on the bordering fences and the bushes.




Mist Ethereum Wallet – Transactions hung at 0 of 12 confirmations

Quick summary: if you are using the Mist Ethereum Wallet (version 0.9.2, but appears to occur still in 0.9.3 which is the latest as of this post) and you send ether (ETH, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain) without enough gas, transactions make get stuck. For those interested, sending an amount of ether (or doing pretty much anything on the Ethereum blockchain) requires fees, similar to any other processing fees…except these have cool names like “gas.” There is a “gas price” (called GWEI) and a “gas limit” (commonly called “gas”). GWEI is just a measurement of how much ether (ETH) – G is giga (like in gigawatt) and WEI is a very small fraction of one ETH (one ether). It takes 1 to the 18th power (1 quintillion) WEI to make an ETH. So a GigaWEI (GWEI) is 1 to the 9th power WEI, so it is still a small fraction of an ETH. Longer and better explanation here.

There are many rationales for the transaction fees (paying miners to do crypto-calculations, cause it costs them electricity), but they do make sense – you want work done, whether that is moving ETH around or working a smart contract, then there is a small fee.

I wish I would have known this before I tried to send my first ETH. My first attempt got stuck, because I didn’t know what gas and GWEI were, and like any cheap skate I went low and my transaction hung.

I’ve seen several people have this same issue

Details on fix I used:

For background, apparently each of the transactions are done in order, and there is a variable called “nonce” which determines the order. If one of the transactions get stuck for some reason (in my case I believe it was not enough gas) it appears that the others just sit there. It also appears that if there isn’t a first transaction (i.e., nonce=0) then nothing is done.

I went to the Developer UI (Develop->Toggle developer tools-Wallet UI and at the prompt at the bottom executed this command:

Mist Ethereum Wallet screenshot

This brings back an array of the pending transactions (in my case, there were three). Clicking on the triangle to expand the array, I went to each in turn (starting with the oldest one) and in the object list of fields (JSON I believe) I found the “_id” field. Then to delete the transactions, for each one I executed:


where “tx_dc8a792605″ is replaced by the value in the “_id” field.

As soon as I did this, the transactions were removed from the list of Latest Transactions.

After I removed all of them, I stopped and restarted Ethereum Wallet. Then I tried to send my transaction again. This time it decremented ETH from my Wallet, and, when I click on the arrow by the transaction in the Latest Transactions list, I can see in etherscan.io that the transaction was getting confirmations….but these were not reflected in the Ethereum Wallet UI. It still said 0 of 12. I continued to watch on etherscan and as soon as the transaction received enough confirmations it went through.

So – semi-fixed. The transaction went through, ETH decremented correctly (and displayed) on the wallet, but the transaction still says 0 of 12 confirmations.



Austin fireworks downtown – New Year’s Eve 2017

Snow Austin New Year's EveThe Austin fireworks downtown launched from Auditorium Shores off Lady Bird Lake  started early, around 10pm, perhaps because the front was coming in and it was getting below freezing quickly…and it was snowing and/or sleeting a bit. Some of it stuck a little on the balcony furniture (photographic evidence to the right), and made it slippery to be out there (what a way that would have been to start the New Year: hey, I learned to fly, but not for very long!).

The fireworks went for about 15 minutes. The photos and videos below are looking up towards the Congress Street bridge. It appeared that they were either launching the fireworks from boats or from that small island just beyond the 1st street bridge – hard to tell in the dark.

Below are videos from the beginning, a couple near the end, and some photos from in between.

Here’s a segment of seven minutes at the beginning…then I wimped out and went inside.

Some photos:


Austin fireworks downtown NYE 2017

Austin fireworks downtown NYE 2017

Austin fireworks downtown NYE 2017

Austin fireworks downtown NYE 2017

Then here are two videos of the grand finale – two because I stopped recording during a pause, and then they started shooting away again.

Great Austin fireworks downtown! Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year.


Annie Leibovitz Portraits

An Evening with Annie Leibovitz and notes on her new book

An Evening with Annie Leibovitz at the Long Center, a sold-out talk with an opportunity for a signed book in one of one five cities to promote her new photography book Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005 – 2016, turned out to be one of those rare moments of engagement that happens in mass events where you don’t expect. Having attended and held many book signings, I’ve seen authors who are just tired and signing, rarely looking up from their ink-stained hand, and I’ve seen authors like my friend Bob Flynn, who wants to talk to everybody (and someone, usually my wife, ends up trying to hurry him a long so that we aren’t there for the next decade).

But connections are rare, and those that do occur are to be cherished. My lovely wife certainly will.
Annie Leibovitz and Audrey

The talk

Ms. Leibovitz came on stage and immediately launched into why she made sure Austin was one of the only five cities (Dallas, Toronto, New York & London were the others), reminiscing about attending one of Willie’s picnics back in the 70s where the second-hand smoke drove her to the Salt-Lick.

The book is the third in a series of collections (the first being Photographs, 1970-1990, followed by A Photographer’s Life, 1990-2005) that are retrospectives,  a take-a-breath-and-look-back approach. She mentioned that after A Photographer’s Life which contained many family and personal pictures (many of which she displayed behind her talk) that she didn’t realize how revealing those moments of privacy would affect her, and rarely showed photos of her children after that book.

Ms. Leibovitz said that she imagined that the book would end with photos of Hillary Clinton as President. That, of course, did not happen. She instead ended it with pictures of an earthen works piece of art done decades ago near the Great Salt Lake that receding waters have recently un-covered, perhaps as a sign that things certainly do change in this world.

She also talked about the “creep” factor in the book, particularly when a photo that included Harvey Weinstein was shown, put into the book before the recent uproar against his outing as a “creep”.

Notes on the book

From my observations, the book consists of three types of photos: celebs, fellow painter/artists and objects from Ms. Leibovitz’ Pilgrimage collection. There are also a couple of essays. The first one is by Alexandra Fuller (of whom there are two pictures of her at her yurt in Wyoming) and is titled The Unseen Seer in 13 steps. In this essay, Ms. Fuller promises not to “blow the cover” of Annie Leibovitz. But she does come at it sideways:

The fool and the sage, the creator and the destroyer, the orphan and the caregiver, the warrior and the lover, the innocent and the magician, the seeker and the ruler. You can find them all in these pages, among these portraits.
Label them yourself. It’s not so hard
None of us can conquer the world, whatever we might think.
We can only inhabit the space we’re in.
The scaffolding of life is just that. (pg 29-30)

Ms. Leibovitz certainly uses pictures to tell a story or push a point, especially with the celebs: one of the first pictures shows one of the Kardashian’s (I’m happy to say I do not know which one) with a baby taking a selfie or video whilst her husband or boyfriend takes a photo with a tablet…a very pointed statement about how social media is being used for celebrity and has invaded so many lives. As she is an obvious fan of Ms. Clinton and the Obamas, the photos included with them are very stately and serious, while the only picture of Donald and Melanie Trump shows him in an expensive car with her pregnant in a bikini coming off a jet. The Trumps need little help looking out of touch with the rest of the world…yet that photo with the Kardashian one together with the Trump photo is an amazing indictment on the fascination of the world (or maybe just the States) with that kind of celebrity.

These pictures and several others like them show the persuasive power of this medium.

The pictures of the Queen of England seems to be rare glimpses, though staged. I especially like the one where the Queen is on the steps with all of her dogs (Audrey says they are corgis)…how Annie got those dogs to pose for that shot must be a trade secret, and is the same method she used to have all of the great-grand kids pose in the other photo.

Some of the other amazing pictures are of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers, Susan Rothenberg and Bruce Nauman (who I have no clue about, other than they are artists and the photo of them shows amazing caring), Bruce Springsteen, Clint Eastwood, Lin-Manuel Miranda (in Hamilton costume). Jack Nicholson on Mulholland Drive, and a great in-car pic of Judi Dench and Helen Mirren. There’s also a great set with J.K Rowling in one and the Gryffindor Quidditch team from The Sorcerer’s Stone movie on the next.

The pictures of the people in Ms. Leibovitz’ industry, other painters and photographers, are mostly unknown to me. In my world of software development, we have a concept we use called “in context”. It means to us that the program should understand as much about the user as possible – who they are, what they just did in the app, what they usually do – and have the app act like it has knowledge of that context. It strikes me that Ms. Leibovitz would make a great software user interface developer. All of these photos that are of people who I do not know provide me large amounts of context just by looking at the photos.

The pictures of objects from the Pilgrimage collection are an interesting assortment, including the ending earthen works photos referenced above.

The end of the book contains notes from Ms. Leibovitz that she read from during the presentation, and a short bio/description of each of the people in the photos. From her notes:

I am not by nature a studio photographer. When I look at the early work I did for Condé Nast in the eighties, I see myself struggling hard to deal with that. I was enamored with what Richard Avedon and Irving Penn did in the studio, but it took a long time for me to come to terms with it for myself. I always prefer to be in a place that has something to do with the subject. (pg 304)

One final note: even Ms. Leibovitz’ signatures and notes in books are art work. The “for Audrey” is a beautiful, full-of-effort remembrance of a lovely encounter.

Annie Leibovitz signature page

Even If It Kills Me

book notes: Even If It Kills Me by Donivan Blair

Even If It Kills MeWhen offered for review Even If It Kills Me, a non-fiction book about a 40ish rock and roll bass player who decides to pursue a martial arts black belt, the only correct response is “hell yeah!”

Donivan (Doni) Blair is the bass player in question, playing for The Toadies as of the writing of his book. He decides to pursue a life-long goal of earning a martial arts black belt starting at the age of 40, and chronicles his progress from white belt to black in a series of vignettes that are not only insightful and entertaining but touch pretty close to home for me.

When my son was nine he decide he wanted to do Karate. We picked a studio that taught Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, as it was close and the instructor had a good reputation.  As he was entering into the dojo for the first time, he turned to me and said “You’re going to do this with me, aren’t you Dad?” I had not intended to. but how could I resist? I was 37 or 38, so a bit younger than Doni. Four or five years later, Josh had his black belt and I had my 2nd degree black belt.

Doni’s journey, at age 40, takes him three years from white belt to black in Taekwando, training with a grandmaster who was head of the Texas branch of the World Taekwando Federation. His training takes place in lovely Amarillo, Texas where he and his wife had relocated to from Denton (north of Dallas).

Doni relates several dead-on perspectives on being an older martial artist:

  • Getting taught by kids. As an adult starting out in a martial arts class, this is bound to happen. Doni documents it, and it happened to me as well. Among others I remember “Mr. Pesko”, who was a third of my age and taught me (and my son) quite a lot.
  • Sparring with kids. Again, this is an opportunity to learn, but, as Doni puts it well “Sparing with kids still sucks. I wouldn’t try to hurt a teenager, but to a teenager an adult is a trophy.”
  • Teaching the kids. As an adult who continues to upper belt ranks in a martial arts class, this too is bound to happen. Doni describes driving the after school kids on the bus. I never had that joy, but I did call a lot of the kids test classes which was actually quite enjoyable. Our Sa Bom Nim had special boards for the young kids during their breaks. We’d recruit adult volunteers as holders, show them how to hold the special boards (which had a slight cut in the middle), and let them enjoy the look on the kids faces when the boards broke…after they sometimes hit a finger or two in the process.
  • Perseverance and determination. Doni is pretty consistent in citing this, not just for older martial artists, but for martial artists and practice in general (including playing the bass).
  • An appreciation for forms. I enjoyed the forms we learned (after we got past the very basic ones). Doni mentions those who dis forms (MMA guys, schools who have dropped forms) then provides a nice music to forms analogy

Forms are my favorite part of the night. They allow me to take my time, focus and concentrate on each step. The goal is perfection and ti’s easy to see the parallel with technical exercises on a musical instrument. You play scales, arpeggios and études over and over again. It’s not a race, just as taegeuk practice is not a death match. Both are meditative. Both train your body to get the details right.
Those notes are the building blocks of a song. Those steps are the building blocks of a taegeuk. Done correctly, it is a thing of beauty, an outlet for an accomplished martial artist to convey power, strength, speed and confidence.

  • The need for outside practice, in all things, not just martial arts.
  • Pain and longer recovery times. The one thing all older martial artists can identify with is that is takes longer to recover from the exertion and the inevitable injuries. Luckily Doni doesn’t have any major ones, but you can hear his joints cracking and popping has he describes the pain and recovery.
  • The inevitable decision after black belt of what’s next. For all martial artists, there’s the goal of getting to black belt, and, once there, the inevitable “what’s next?”. Many schools tell you that the real lessons begin at black belt, and to some extent I agree; I stayed on for quite a while after my son left to go concentrate more on high school studies, band and all. And I learned quite a bit. But Donivan hits the question head on – what else is out there? Should I continue on in the discipline I’ve invested time, energy and money in, should I explore other martial arts…or should I give my old body a rest? I’m curious what Donivan chooses (the book ends on this note); I did a bit of both.

Doni’s description of martial arts books (I’d like to compare libraries with him) and martial arts movies (another shared pleasure of my son and I) prompts me to go dust of some of both that I haven’t visited in a while.

There’s just a bit of rock and roll notes in here, some good pieces about how after a while life on the road just doesn’t seem worth it when you have a life you want to live back home (business travel is the same whether it is software or music). And LARGE kudos to Donivan for his description of that legend of bass players, Geddy Lee of Rush:

Practice became my religion – and my religion was badass. The apostles were Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Jaco Pastorius, and Geddy Lee of Rush. Our hymns included “Electric Funeral,”, “Continuum,” and “Working Man.”
I can’t even tell you all the hours I spent analyzing Geddy’s playing. “Lead bass” sounded like a bad idea, but in his hands, it’s brilliant. He weaves melodically through the song and still stays right in Neil Peart’s pocket. It’s mind blowing, like a rocket ride to Cygnus X-1.
Listen to the live version of “The Trees” from Exit, Stage Left. Listen to “Digital Man” from Signals. Then consider that these songs came out in 1981 and 1982, when the biggest hits were “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes and “Physical” by Olivia Newton John. (pg 101-102)

Overall, Even If It Kills Me is an enjoyable martial arts book written by an honest adult practitioner. If you are thinking about taking up martial arts at a somewhat older age…do it! And read Doni’s book before and during.

Full disclosure: I review a lot of YMAA books and DVDs over the years, because I like them and find they are of a high quality. Sometimes they offer free books for review. This is one of those book

International Space Station

Viewing the International Space Station

We saw the International Space Stations (ISS) as we drove from Houston to Austin Monday evening (10/16/17) at about 7:50pm looking at the NW horizon. At first we saw lots of planes and stars thinking it might be the ISS, but once it came shooting across the sky it was easy to see.

International Space StationWe heard about it on the news, but found the directions looking at SpotTheStation, a NASA website that will not only tell you when the ISS is coming into view in your area and alert you via email, but if you scroll down the page it will tell you what the directions for viewing mean (see image to the right).

Watching the ISS go over reminded me of another website I had found: WhoIsInSpaceRightNow. As the ISS was going overhead, the number was 6…as always, an amazingly small number compared to the 7.4 billion people on the earth.

And the total number of people who have ever been in space currently stands at 536 according to this Wiki article.

Both current and all time space travelers remain an exclusive club…until the bus starts loading for Mars!

Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar and The Circle – Sugarland 09/15/17

I wrote a long article about Sammy Hagar then and now about a week before this  concert. Here’s my notes on the show.

Opening act – The Contagious

The ContagiousWe arrived expecting to see Sammy’s son as the opening act. Instead, we witnessed three 9th graders from Montgomery, Texas, baby-faced young men who rocked the crowd in the absence of Sammy’s son (who was ill). They were loud, and they were quite good. It was hard to tell they were youngsters until the lead singer/guitarist got up to the microphone in between sets and said “Thanks, guys!”. He also said “at 5am this morning we were getting ready to go to school…now we are opening for Sammy Hagar and the Circle.”

TheContagiousLeadOne of the ushers told me they had opened earlier in the week for ZZTop, as one of the band members parents is friends with one of the ZZ members. And this usher seemed to know everything.

Here’s The Contagious’ Reverb Nation link, they have a couple of songs on there to download.

Sammy and The Circle

Sammy Hagar and The Circle

At the opposite end of the age spectrum from the opening act, Sammy Hagar has been rocking for four decades. Between Montrose, Van Halen, Chickenfoot and his solo career, the list of songs to choose from is LARGE.

In addition to Sammy (lead vocals and guitar), the Circle is:

  • Michael Anthony (bass, backing vocals).  Van Halen bassist, Chickenfoot.
  • Jason Bonham (drums). John Bonham of Led Zeppelin’s son.
  • Vic Johnson (lead guitar). Vic has been playing with Sammy since 1997 on solo albums and in Sammy’s band the Waboritas.

Sammy and “Mikey” have been together for a long time. They introduced each other and the party started (and included Santo Mezquila and Sammy’s Rum on stage).

The Setlist of 16 songs included:

  • 5 Sammy Hagar songs (including a renamed “Mas Mezquila” with Sammy pouring out shots from a bottle to the folks in the pit);
  • 6 Van Halen songs  (including an acoustic version of “Dreams” as the final number);
  • 1 Chickenfoot song;
  • “Rock Candy” from Montrose (I was hoping for this and “Bad Motor Scooter”…but 50% is good enough!) and
  • 2 well performed Led Zeppelin tracks (When the Levee Breaks, which the top picture is off, dry ice and all, and Rock and Roll in the Encore).

Michael Anthony sang on a few tracks, and the more I hear him singing lead or background vocals, the more I believe he was the main voice behind that signature Van Halen background chorus.

Sammy Hagar and The Circle

Soon-to-be-70-year-old Sammy Hagar had as much energy as the three freshman high school rockers….and had more fun all the way through. I’m hoping to get lucky enough to see him again at his show in Clearwater, Florida which was postponed due to the hurricane.

Sammy Hagar

The Venue

A couple of words on the Smart Financial Center in Sugarland: after our first visit there (to see Steve Martin and Martin Short) I swore I’d never go back because the traffic getting in and out was so terribly handled. I made an exception for Sammy, and I’m glad I did – we had no trouble getting in or out. I was told that attendance was equivalent for both

Also, the usher that I spoke with throughout the concert was not only knowledgeable about the venue and the acts, he was amazingly courteous to everyone he spoke with that evening (he was stationed right beside us).

And lastly…someone in attendance had a sweet and appropriate ride!



Sammy Hagar – 35 years ago and now


As you downsize, a process my wife and I are currently going through, the plethora of items from one’s past that you must classify as keep/store/trash is larger than you think. The number of items in one’s house grows to accommodate available space.

Furniture, clothes, tools – those are just things, with little sentimental value. But books and music – those I keep with me, each one a particular memory that I rustle through every so often, flashes returning of events, real and imagined.

I also apparently kept a set of concert tickets with a rubber band wrapped around them. And sitting through an interview session of Sammy Hagar at this year’s South-By-Southwest conference had me digging through albums and concert tix, flashing back. With tickets in hand to see Sammy and The Circle this weekend in Houston (and with a bottle of Hagar’s Santo Mezquila by my side!), I thought it was time to revisit that session.

March 5, 1982 – Sammy Hagar in Concert

San Antonio, Texas. The Rock and Roll capital of the world (at the time). Floor section A 16th row tickets, for a whopping $10.00 to see Sammy Hagar. Before the Internet age of scalpers getting in to get the choice front row tickets, a group of us (me, Tom, Bob, Dano and others) would wait outside the mall on the 410 Loop at either a Joske’s or Foleys (I can’t remember which, and like it that way), sometimes all night. In retrospect, were we the pre-cursor to the Apple fan-boys who waited in line for new iPhones? When the doors opened, we ran in, assuming other rockers were racing from other entrances to line up at the ticket window. If you look at the ticket montage posted at the end of this article, you can see that we used this method to get some pretty choice seats to see some classic rock bands.

I don’t think this ticket represents the first time I saw Hagar. I would have been a junior in college in 1982, and as you can see, some of my precious ticket stubs are from 1979. But whether it was this concert or a later one, I have this image etched in my mind: Sammy sitting, his feet dangling off the stage, guitar flat on his lap, finger slide on the strings playing a extended intro to “Bad Motor Scooter”. The 1982 show would have been the tour supporting the Album “Standing Hampton”, which had the songs “There’s Only One Way to Rock” and “Heavy Metal” (title song of the movie of the same name). But Hagar always played the songs he wrote for the band Montrose (in addition to Bad Motor Scooter, he wrote “Make It Last” and co-wrote “Rock Candy” and four other songs on the first Montrose album).

With these concerts we were always on our feet…and often standing on metal chairs (and sometimes falling) on the floor so we could see (which meant everyone in front and behind us was doing the same thing). The concerts I’ve been to recently seem more concerned with safety than with enjoyment. Running up the aisles to rush the stage in the 80s was not only a contact sport, it was a time-honored tradition.

SammyComesOnStageMarch 16, 2017 – Sammy at SXSW, Austin

I was about the same distance from the stage this past March 16, almost 35 years to the day of that concert, watching Sammy again, this time in Austin at SXSW. We were both obviously older, and this time he wasn’t playing, but talking, being semi-interviewed.

Before Hagar came out, they were playing warm up music…that would have been great for a rap artist…and then a folk singer. The friendly long-haired gent who was sitting next to me said “What is this shit?”…ya gotta dis the warmup music if it isn’t Sammy appropriate. Then they put on some of Austin’s own Brownout (and if you haven’t heard their “Brown Sabbath” covers of Black Sabbath…you owe it to yourself!) to tide us over.

Sammy walked out with Mike Snider (from USA Today), looking bulkier than he did 25 years ago (see the album covers below), but with the same smile on his face. Wearing a leather jacket with a Santo Mezquila shirt (more on that later). he and Mike sat down and did a little walk through Sammy-history.


Sammy’s a guitar player, but, as he put it, he kept winding up in bands with great guitar players: Ronnie Montrose, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani. When he met Montrose, Sammy said they had most of the songs on that first Montrose album completed in two weeks. He also said it didn’t take long for him to learn his biggest lesson in bandmates: never tour or play with anyone you don’t like. I may not have the exact quote, but Sammy said “Ronnie was a bastard, God rest his soul.”

The first Montrose album (1973) has been called “America’s answer to Led Zeppelin.” The second album, “Paper Money”, was not anywhere near has hard core and rocking as the first (IMHO), and, by no coincidence, was Hagar’s last with the band. I still have my vinyl of “Montrose”, and I had “Paper Money” but may have made it into a frisbee long ago.

I also believe this is the last time Sammy was called “Sam Hagar” on an album cover.



Though he had a long (and continuing) solo career, Sammy only mentioned “Red” and “I Can’t Drive 55″ during the SXSW session.

Red is all about numerology (“Red’s my number…”), which Sammy said he was into at the time. He was walking down the street after the song came out, and some one called him the “Red Rocker”…and it stuck. And, as you can see in the album covers from my collection below, he embraced the “Red” moniker.


Mike, the interviewer, asked Sammy, given his penchant for fast cars and fast driving, how many tickets he’d gotten. Sammy said “two. You have no idea how many times that song has gotten me out of a ticket.” Obviously “that song” was “I Can’t Drive 55.”

Hagar Schon Aaronson and Shrieve

This didn’t come up in the interview at all, but I’ve got the vinyl of the Hagar-Schon-Aaronson-Shrieve album (1984), and am probably one of the few packrats that kept it. Gratuitous album cover shot, still in the plastic with the $5.99 Sound Warehouse price tag on it! One of the early super groups, this album features Neal Schon, lead guitarist of Journey and early Santana. There’s a good cover of “Whiter Shade of Pale” and the lead song “Top of the Rock” did pretty well, as I recall.



Albums had some pretty slick inner sleeves, back in the day. The sleeve for HSAS show the boys all with their 80′s rocker stares and Sammy living that Red Rocker persona.


Van Halen

Much has been said and written about Sammy and Van Halen. He only mentioned two main topics at the SXSW session – a desire to do a live concert performance with David Lee Roth, where they would trade-off sets as a type of competition (which was met, of course, with approval from the crowd); and that he had reached out to Eddie Van Halen, sending birthday regards.

For background, Hagar was in Van Halen for four studio albums that all went at least 3x platinum (5150, OU812, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, Balance) from 1986 to 1995. Then he and bassist Michael Anthony left (or were dumped, depending on which story you listen to). Anthony still plays with Sammy on both Chickenfoot and The Circle.

Sammy HagarBusiness and Booze

This was at SXSW, which features Interactive, Film, Music and Education tracks, so there was quite a bit of discussion about Sammy’s businesses (past and present) and the music biz. Hagar has been a serial entrepreneur his entire adult life, so he touched on several of his ventures, past and current.

  • Cabo Wabo. In the 1990s, Hagar started selling tequila from his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In 2007, Hagar sold an 80% interest in Cabo Wabo Tequila to Gruppo Campari for $80 million (he later sold the rest of his part for $11 million). So…Sammy is set. And said he really doesn’t play for money any more, and doesn’t do hundreds of live shows a year. He has quite a few charities he works with, including a local annual acoustic set in San Francisco to generate enough dough for a local healthcare organization.
  • Beach Bar Rum. Sammy’s former attire (check out any video of The Circle) consisted of “Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum” t-shirts. Four years after he sold the last part of his Cabo Wabo business, Hagar started a Rum business made in Hawaii from locally grown sugar cane.

Santo Mezquila Sammy Hagar

  • Santo Mezquila. Sammy was wearing a Santo shirt promoting his new alcoholic venture. He said he couldn’t do another tequila because Cabo was his baby. However, he told the story of meeting Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and how Sammy doesn’t like the smokey taste of Mezcal and Levine didn’t like tequila. A few (no doubt enjoyable) chemistry sessions later and they had a mix they both enjoyed. Some lucky and forward thinking young lady actually had a bottle with her at the session, which Sammy signed. He said there weren’t that many bottles shipped to Texas yet. I found my own bottle (mine!) at a Total Wine after a hot tip from a friend. On the side it says “50% Distilled Blue Agave and 50% Distilled Espadin Agave.” For tequila drinkers, tequila can only be made with blue agave, but mezcal can be made with several different kinds of agave, espadin being the most prevalent. And, to further complicate things, all tequilas are mezcals by definition. I vote we just let Sammy keep this straight for us.  Although the lyrics of Van Halen’s Cabo Wabo does mention going after that “guave worm” there is indeed no worm in Santo. I’ve looked.

We drink Mescal right from the bottle
Salt shaker, little lick a lime, oh
Throwin’ down, down tryin’ to reach the bottom
Where the guave worm, well he’s mine, all mine

  • TV show. Sammy has a show on AXS TV called “Rock and Roll Road Trip” which was in Season Two during SXSW. He talked about how he enjoys getting to know fellow musicians outside of the normal “on-the-road” work environment. He’d just finished an episode with John Mellencamp, and had an upcoming episode with Mick Fleetwood.
  • The music business today. Since it was SXSW, Sammy was asked what he thought about getting noticed in the music business today. He commented on how hard it would be to get started today, and said that it is obvious that an artist has to have a very active social media presence (Sammy got on Instagram in August 2014, and is up to 94,000 followers).

Cooking, UFOs and ghosts

Sammy is Italian. He calls chef Guy Fieri his “brother from another mother.” During this session he said to the audience that he could walk into anyone’s kitchen, go out to their garden if they had one and cook a great meal. I invited him over…about the same time everyone else in the audience did.

During the Q&A period, someone asked Sammy about his appearance on a Celebrity Ghoststories show. In his bio, Hagar says he is a bigger believer in UFOs and Ghosts. Below is a video of his re-telling of his ghost story, with a bit of the end of his opinion Mexican Mariachi music (which he likes, but only acoustic and not in big arenas).



SammySquattingThen it was time to once more rush the stage. I got as close to Sammy as I’d ever been, close enough to comment on how good his knees were at our age, as he squatted down for a selfie. My comment elicited a quick look and a chuckle. Above all else, Sammy seems happy. A TV show, a place in Hawaii, three bands he plays with (The Waboritas, ChickenFoot and The Circle, which is touring this year), a new mezquila and his rum bars.

Sammy Hagar is on tour this year with The Circle (concert dates on the Red Rocker events calendar), and I aim to see him somewhere along the tour.


Untappd Venue Badges

Five Years of Beer on UnTappd

Untappd profileAccording to the Untappd app, August 23, 2017 marks five years since I started using the app. Also according to the app and website, during the last 1,826 days (plus 1 added for a leap year!) I have consumed 1,753 Unique Beers, 2,589 Beers Checked-in (not all of the beers I drank in that time frame were checked in) and earned 985 incredibly valuable badges.  This includes the nice “For a Few Unidragons More” from Clown Shoes checked in on that anniversary date. As a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western fan and a stout lover, I really like this series from Clown Shoes.

I’ve also hooked innumerable friends onto this addictive app, and also wrote an article about the psychology of the app from a gamification perspective.

As an Untappd Supporter, one can download one’s entire glutinously logged beer consumption history. Just a note for those that attempt this:

  • the CSV file download gets screwed up with some of the check-in comments, so make sure that the number of rows of data after CSV import is equal to your total number of logged beers.
  • There are some HTML characters in place after import (like the code for ampersand instead of &). I’m sure there’s a way to get rid of this in the import process, but I just did a “Replace” of the few I cared about.

A bit of slicing and dicing later, and here’s what the numbers tell:

Top Breweries

Firestone WalkerMy list includes beers from 497 different breweries. Firestone Walker is my favorite brewery and the numbers reflect it. Also reflected is the “drink local” mentality with breweries around Houston, Tampa (where I go for business) and Austin high on the list.


Firestone Walker Brewing Company124
Saint Arnold Brewing Company107
Karbach Brewing Co102
Boston Beer Company55
Cigar City Brewing54
Grupo Modelo54
Founders Brewing Co.40
Stone Brewing40
Real Ale Brewing Company39
Clown Shoes36
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery34
New Belgium Brewing Company31
Buffalo Bayou Brewing29
Goose Island Beer Co.29
Spoetzl Brewery28
Big Storm Brewing Co.26
Brooklyn Brewery26
Ballast Point Brewing Company25
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.24
Oskar Blues Brewery23
Avery Brewing Co.22
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company22
Odell Brewing Co.22
Rahr & Sons Brewing Company21
Abita Brewing Company20
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V.20
Lagunitas Brewing Company20
(512) Brewing Company19
Freetail Brewing Co.19
8th Wonder Brewery17
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse17
Left Hand Brewing Company17
Prairie Artisan Ales17
Southern Star Brewing Company17
Alaskan Brewing Co.16
Crooked Thumb Brewery16
Deschutes Brewery16
Sixpoint Brewery16
Boulevard Brewing Co.15
Funky Buddha Brewery15
Stella Artois15
North Coast Brewing Company14
Great Divide Brewing Company13
Independence Brewing Co.13
Breckenridge Brewery12
Deep Ellum Brewing Company12
Southern Tier Brewing Company12
SweetWater Brewing Company12
Victory Brewing Company12
Blue Moon Brewing Company11
Dundee Ales & Lagers11
B-52 Brewing Co.10
Brewery Ommegang10
Dunedin Brewery10
Hops & Grain Brewing10
Kona Brewing Company10
No Label Brewing Company10
Rogue Ales & Spirits10
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery10
3 Daughters Brewing9
Brigadoon Brewery9
Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)9
Evil Twin Brewing9
Fort Collins Brewery (FCB)9
Jester King Brewery9
Arkane Aleworks8
Arrogant Brewing8
Austin Beerworks8
Baltika Breweries (–ë–_–ª—Ç–_–_–_)8
Bare Arms Brewing8
Barley Mow Brewing Company8
Cerveceria Costa Rica (Florida Bebidas)8
Community Beer Company8
Coppertail Brewing Company8
Cycler's Brewing8
Lone Pint Brewery8
Miller Brewing Company8
Terrapin Beer Co.8
Widmer Brothers Brewing8
Yuengling Brewery8
11 Below Brewing7
Bell's Brewery7
Full Sail Brewing Company7
Green Flash Brewing Company7
Lakewood Brewing Company7
Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company7
Anderson Valley Brewing Company6
Belhaven Brewery6
Brash Brewing Company6
Coors Brewing Company6
Innis & Gunn6
Pair O' Dice Brewing6
Pinthouse Pizza6
Redhook Brewery6
Shipyard Brewing Company6
Shmaltz Brewing Company6
Tampa Bay Brewing Company6
Tr__egs Independent Brewing6
7venth Sun5
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy5
Alamo Beer Company5
Asahi Breweries5
Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan5
Bear Republic Brewing Co.5
Bi_®res de Chimay5
Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana5
Charles Wells Brewery5
Cycle Brewing Company5
Darwin Brewing Company5
Franconia Brewing Company5
Humboldt Brewing Company5
John Smith's5
Labatt Brewing Company5
Martin House Brewing Company5
Monday Night Brewing5
Ska Brewing5
St. Pete Brewing Company5
Anchor Brewing Company4
Big Bend Brewing Company4
Big Sky Brewing Company4
Birra Peroni4
Brazos Valley Brewing4
Brouwerij St. Bernardus4
Brouwerij van Hoegaarden4
Capitol City Brewing Company4
City Acre Brewing4
Golden Road Brewing4
Green Bench Brewing Co4
High Mesa Brewery4
Infamous Brewing Company4
Koninklijke Grolsch4
Le Corsaire Microbrasserie4
Live Oak Brewing Company4
Magic Hat Brewing Company4
Moon Tower Sudworks4
Oasis Texas Brewing Company4
Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co.4
Paulaner Brauerei4
Pedernales Brewing Company4
Rio Grande & Sierra Blanca Brewing Company4
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery4
Santa Fe Brewing Company4
Sapporo Breweries4
Shock Top Brewing Co.4
The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery4
Thirsty Planet Brewing Company4
Twisted X Brewing Company4
Uinta Brewing Company4
Wasatch Brewery4
Angry Orchard Cider Company3
Ayinger Privatbrauerei3
Back Pew Brewing Company3
Big Dog's Brewing Company3
Big Texan Brewery3
Blue Point Brewing Company3
Bold City Brewery3
Brouwerij Huyghe3
Circle Brewing Co.3
Copperhead Brewery3
DC Brau Brewing Company3
Evolution Craft Brewing Company3
Flying Dog Brewery3
Fredericksburg Brewing Co.3
Friends & Allies3
Gordon Biersch Brewing Company3
Guadalupe Brewing3
Harpoon Brewery3
Harviestoun Brewery3
Heineken Brasil3
Highland Brewing Company3
Kiuchi Brewery3
Lost Coast Brewery3
Marker 48 Brewing3
Molson Coors Canada3
Mother Earth Brewing (North Carolina)3
Nebraska Brewing Company3
Peticolas Brewing Company3
Phantom Ales3
Port City Brewing3
Prescott Brewing Company3
Rockyard Brewing Company3
Se_±orial Brewing Co.3
Sea Dog Brewing Company3
St. Peter's Brewery Co.3
Staatliches Hofbr_§uhaus M_ºnchen3
The Bruery3
The Lost Abbey3
Wynkoop Brewing Co.3
Zilker Brewing Company3
10 Barrel Brewing Co.2
21st Amendment Brewery2
4th Tap Brewing Co-Op2
5 Stones Artisan Brewery2
AleSmith Brewing Company2
Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.2
Alpine Beer Company2
Archibald Microbrasserie2
Ass Kisser Ales2
Atwater Brewery2
Birra Moretti2
Blue Mountain Brewery2
Boddington's Brewery2
Boon Rawd Brewery2
Boulder Beer Company2
Branchline Brewing Co.2
Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise)2
Brew Bus Brewing2
Brouwerij Palm2
Brouwerij Van Steenberge2
Brouwerij Van Viven2
Busted Sandal Brewing2
Central 28 Beer Company2
Commonwealth Brewery2
Compa_±ia Cervecera de Puerto Rico2
Coney Island Brewery2
Coopers Brewery2
CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing2
Coronado Brewing Company2
Denver Beer Co.2
DuClaw Brewing Company2
Elevation Beer Company2
Equinox Brewing Company2
FiftyFifty Brewing Co.2
Fort Bend Brewing Company2
Four Corners Brewing Company2
Fuller, Smith & Turner 2
GolfBeer Brewing Co2
Great Lakes Brewing Company2
Grupo Damm2
Hand-Brewed Beer2
Heavy Seas Beer2
Heineken Asia Pacific2
Hi Sign Brewing2
Hinterland Brewery2
JDub's Brewing Co.2
Johnson Brewhouse2
Joseph James Brewing Company2
Kirin Brewery Company2
Krombacher Gruppe2
La Cumbre Brewing Company2
Last Stand Brewing Company2
M.I.A. Beer Co.2
Manitou Brewing Company2
Maui Brewing Company2
Motorworks Brewing2
New Holland Brewing Company2
Old Bust Head Brewing Company2
Pabst Brewing Company2
Pizza Boy Brewing Co.2
Rabbit Hole Brewing2
Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling2
Red Brick Brewing Co.2
Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.2
Revolver Brewing2
Rhinelander Brewing Company2
Rock Brothers Brewing2
Rogness Brewing Company2
Small Town Brewery2
Solid Rock Brewing2
South Austin Brewery2
Squatters Craft Beers2
Strange Land Brewery2
Swamp Head Brewery2
Texas Big Beer Brewery2
Thai Beverage PLC2
Three Nations Brewing2
Tsingtao Brewery2
Weyerbacher Brewing Company2
Yards Brewing Co.2
3 Floyds Brewing Company1
3 Stars Brewing Company1
81Bay Brewing Co.1
Abbaye de Leffe1
Abbaye de Maredsous1
Abnormal Beer Co1
Adelbert's Brewery1
Ajeper S.A.1
Alchimiste Microbrasserie1
Allagash Brewing Company1
Amstel Bier1
Angel City Brewery1
Angry Chair Brewing1
Atlas Brew Works1
Augustiner-Br_§u M_ºnchen1
Avondale Brewing Co.1
B. Nektar Meadery1
Baja Brewing Company1
Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery1
Bass Brewers1
Beachwood Brewing1
Bearded Fox Brewing Company1
Berkshire Brewing Company (B.B.C.)1
Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven1
Big Top Brewing Company1
Birrificio Del Ducato1
Bitburger Braugruppe1
Black Shirt Brewing Co1
Blue Star Brewing Company1
Brasserie Caracole1
Brasserie de Silly1
Brasserie Lefebvre1
Brasseurs Illimites1
Brauerei Beck1
Brew Hub1
Bristol Brewing Company1
Brooksville Brewing Company1
Brothers Craft Brewing1
Brouwerij Alken-Maes1
Brouwerij Boon1
Brouwerij De Brabandere (Bavik)1
Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle1
Buffalo Bill's Brewery1
Bull and Barrel Brew Pub1
Caboose Brewing Company1
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company1
Carlsberg UK1
Cascade Brewing Company (USA)1
Cat Cora1
Celis Brewing Company1
Cerveceria Mexicana1
Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes1
Cerveza R__stica Yucateca1
City Star Brewing1
Cocoa Beach Brewing Company1
Compa_±ia Cervecera de Nicaragua1
Copper Kettle Brewing Company (Colorado)1
Covington Brewhouse1
Darwin Brewery1
de Bine Brewing Co1
Dej Buh Stesti Brewery1
Desnoes & Geddes1
Devils Backbone Brewing Company1
Dixie Brewing Co.1
Driftwood Brewing1
Dry Dock Brewing Company1
Duvel Moortgat1
Easy Pretzel Brewing Company1
Einst__k _ñlger__1
Elk Mountain Brewing Company1
Elysian Brewing Company1
Engine 15 Brewing Co.1
Escape Brewing Company1
Faction Brewing1
Falls City Beer1
Farnham Ale & Lager1
Florida Avenue Brewing Co.1
Florida Beer Company1
Foster's Group1
Galveston Bay Beer Company1
Gigantic Brewing Company1
Goodwood Brewing1
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant1
Grapevine Craft Brewery1
Green Man Brewery1
Green's Beers1
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse1
Grist Brewing Company1
Grupa _ªywiec1
Grupo Mahou-San Miguel1
Guns And Oil1
Hall Brewing Company1
Hardywood Park Craft Brewery1
Heineken Brewery Ireland1
Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti (EZA)1
Heritage Brewing Company1
Hermitage Brewing1
HOB Brewing (Dunedin)1
Horse & Dragon Brewing Company1
Huff Brewing Company1
Industrias La Constancia1
Intuition Ale Works1
Islamorada Beer Company1
J. Wakefield Brewing1
JailHouse Brewing Company1
Jekyll Brewing1
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales1
K__nig Brauerei1
K__stritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei1
Key Brewing Company1
Kinnitty Castle1
Latitude 33 Brewing1
Laughing Dog Brewing1
Le Trou du Diable1
Left Coast Brewing1
Legend Brewing Company1
Long Trail Brewing Company1
Lost Rhino Brewing Company1
Magnolia Brewing Company1
Margaritaville Brewing Company1
Mike Hess Brewing1
Moa Brewing Company1
Moody Tongue1
Narragansett Brewing Company1
Naughty Brewing1
New Republic Brewing Company1
Nico's Brewing1
Nine Band Brewing1
Ninkasi Brewing Company1
NOLA Brewing1
NXNW Restaurant & Brewery1
Old Harbor Brewery1
Olympic Brewery1
Omission Beer1
Orpheus Brewing1
Pale Fire Brewing Company1
Paradox Beer Company (Colorado)1
Parkway Brewing Company1
Pateros Creek Brewing1
Peak Organic Brewing Company1
Pensacola Bay Brewery1
Perennial Artisan Ales1
Perrin Brewing Co.1
Pikes Peak Brewing Co.1
Pinellas Ale Works1
Pivovary Staropramen1
Plze_àsk__ Prazdroj1
Prost Brewing Company1
Rapp Brewing Company1
Red Hare Brewing Company1
Reformation Brewery1
Renegade Brewing Company1
Rhinegeist Brewery1
Ridgeway Brewing1
River North Brewery1
Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House (Ohio)1
RJ Rockers Brewing Company1
Robinsons Brewery1
Russian River Brewing Company1
Saint Alexandre Pub1
Saint Patrick's Brewing Company1
Saltwater Brewery1
San Antonio Beverage Company1
San Luis Valley Brewing Company1
Santa Clara Valley Brewing1
Schlenkerla ("Heller-Br_§u" Trum)1
Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn1
Silverking Brewing Company1
Sin City Brewing Co.1
Six Ten Brewing1
Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill1
Smuttynose Brewing Co.1
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers1
SpindleTap Brewery1
Starr Hill Brewery1
Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg1
Stift Engelszell1
Straight to Ale1
Tap Room No. 21 Brewing1
Texas Ale Project1
Texas Beer Refinery1
The Alchemist1
The Headquarters Homebrewing Club1
The Palace1
The Post Brewing Company1
Thomas Creek Brewery1
Three Taverns Craft Brewery1
Tin Roof Brewing Co.1
Titletown Brewing Company1
To _òl1
Tommyknocker Brewery1
Traveler Beer Co.1
Treaty Oak Brewing1
Triple Voodoo Brewery and Tap Room1
Trumer Privatbrauerei1
Twin Peaks Restaurants1
Twisted Pine Brewing Company1
Two Brothers Brewing Company1
Uncle Billy's Brewery1
United Breweries (India)1
Upslope Brewing Company1
W_ºrzburger Hofbr_§u1
West Flanders Brewing Co.1
Westbrook Brewing Co.1
Whistle Stop Ale House1
Wrecking Bar Brewing1
Wychwood Brewery1
Wynwood Brewing Company1
Yazoo Brewing Company1
Yee-Haw Brewing Company1
ZEOS Brewing1
Grand Total2588


While the majority of the beers were from breweries in the United States, this includes beers from brewers in 38 countries:

Brewery Country
Beer Count
United States2222
Costa Rica8
Puerto Rico6
Dominican Republic5
China / People's Republic of China2
Czech Republic2
El Salvador1
New Zealand1

Top Styles

Out of the 134 different styles of beer tasted, my preferred styles are dark (stouts and porters) but due to their seasonality (I’d drink them year round, but most breweries release them in the fall for cool weather drinking) I cannot get the ones I want all the time. I was surprised by how far ahead American IPAs were over other styles.

Beer Count
IPA - American254
IPA - Imperial / Double122
Stout - American Imperial / Double106
Pale Ale - American104
Porter - American94
Stout - Russian Imperial70
Red Ale - American Amber / Red69
Lager - Vienna62
Stout - Oatmeal59
Stout - Milk / Sweet56
Lager - North American Adjunct50
Porter - Imperial / Double48
Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy48
Lager - Pale47
Stout - American45
Porter - Other44
Pumpkin / Yam Beer37
IPA - Session / India Session Ale36
Pale Wheat Ale - American35
Blonde Ale31
Lager - Dark31
IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale30
Brown Ale - American29
Pilsner - Other29
Stout - Irish Dry29
Barleywine - American28
Lager - Euro27
Brown Ale - English25
Lager - American Light25
Strong Ale - American25
Fruit Beer24
Old Ale24
Saison / Farmhouse Ale24
Belgian Quad23
Pale Ale - English23
Stout - Imperial / Double23
Lager - Helles21
Pilsner - German21
Stout - Other21
Belgian Tripel19
Belgian Strong Dark Ale18
Lager - American Amber / Red18
Porter - Baltic18
Barleywine - English17
Belgian Strong Golden Ale15
Pale Ale - Belgian15
Spiced / Herbed Beer15
Winter Warmer15
IPA - English14
Lager - Dunkel Munich14
Red Ale - Irish13
Belgian Dubbel12
Brown Ale - Imperial / Double12
Porter - English12
Winter Ale12
Cream Ale11
English Bitter11
Pilsner - Czech11
Shandy / Radler10
Smoked Beer10
Sour - Ale10
Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet10
Stout - Foreign / Export9
American Wild Ale8
Golden Ale8
Kellerbier / Zwickelbier8
Rye IPA8
Sour - Gose8
IPA - Belgian7
IPA - White7
Lager - Winter7
Red Ale - Imperial / Double7
Stout - Imperial Oatmeal7
Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden6
Sour - Berliner Weisse6
Lager - Japanese Rice5
Root Beer5
Scottish Ale5
Scottish Export Ale5
Brown Ale - Other4
Extra Special / Strong Bitter4
IPA - Imperial / Double Black4
IPA - Red4
Lager - Euro Dark4
Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager)4
Maibock / Heller (Helles) Bock4
Pumpkin / Yam Beer - Imperial4
Dark Ale3
IPA - Triple3
Lager - Amber3
Pilsner - Imperial / Double3
Rye Beer3
Strong Ale - English3
California Common2
IPA - International2
Lager - Dortmunder / Export2
Lambic - Gueuze2
Malt Liquor2
Pale Ale - International2
Barleywine - Other1
Biére de Garde1
Burton Ale1
English Mild Ale1
Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale1
IPA - New England1
Lager - Euro Strong1
Mead - Braggot1
Mead - Cyser1
Mead - Other1
Pale Ale - Australian1
Sour - Flanders Oud Bruin1
Specialty Grain1
Stout - Oyster1
Wheat Wine1

Top Beers

There’s lots of variety in the list of 1,751 unique beers. I did not typically record every beer, but certainly did for the unique ones. Negra Modelo would be even further out in front if I checked in every one that I had. Every Mexican food dinner is enjoyed with one plus a reposado tequila of some sort. Try it!

I blame all of the Stella check-ins on Bob. I successfully avoided most of his Miller Lite temptations. (How is Miller Lite like sex in a canoe? They are both f-ing near water!).
Untappd top beers
Untappd Top beers



At first I thought the Untappd badges were meaningless trinkets. Now I see them as worthless trinkets, some of which show interesting trends. Untappd recently made badges retroactive, so if they announced a new badge all of your previous check-ins would count towards it. They also allowed some badges to go up to a level 100.

Untappd Beer Badges

For those mathematically inclined (like me) who are wondering why Untappd says I have 982 badges but this screenshot only shows 977 – it’s because they count the “Local Badges” separately. I like the local badges, and I wish more venues would do them. And, if you haven’t tried Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, you really should (they are my highest local badge).

From a trend standpoint, maxing out on the US beer badge (Land of the Free) and the “I take pictures of my beers and post them to the Reddit beer porn sub” badge (Photogenic) are obvious. The “Heavy Weight” badge reflects my penchant for stouts and porters (see the “Top ABV” section below). And given that IPAs are at the top of the Top Styles count, it is somewhat surprising that the “I Believe in IPA” badge is so low.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.51.00 PM

The “Bar Explorer” badge almost being maxed out is not surprising. But the “Layover” badge only being a level 5 seems to reflect what I have discovered: airports have crap beers. I’m also surprised that the “Big Game” badge is only at Level 2, but this is probably because we hit the same place for every Packers game.


It figures that the top ABV is a home-brew mead (way to go Nick!).  There are lots of Firestone Walker and Clown Shoes brews on this list. I’ve only put the top few (ABV > 13).

18.5I Feel the Need For MeadNico's BrewingMead - Other
18120 Minute IPADogfish Head BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
120 Minute IPA (2012)Dogfish Head BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
Raison D'ExtraDogfish Head BrewingBelgian Strong Dark Ale
17.5120 Minute IPA (2013)Dogfish Head BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
17.1Mephistopheles' (2015)Avery Brewing Co.Stout - Imperial / Double
Mephistopheles' Stout (2014)Avery Brewing Co.Stout - American Imperial / Double
Uncle Jacob's StoutAvery Brewing Co.Stout - American Imperial / Double
17He'Brew Jewbelation RebornShmaltz Brewing CompanyStrong Ale - American
15Bolt Cutter (15th Anniversary Barley Wine)Founders Brewing Co.Barleywine - American
Bourbon County Brand StoutGoose Island Beer Co.Stout - American Imperial / Double
14.6Mephistopheles' Stout Avery Brewing Co.Stout - American Imperial / Double
14A Fistful of UnidragonsClown ShoesStout - Russian Imperial
For a Few Unidragons MoreClown ShoesStout - Russian Imperial
For a Few Unidragons More (2017)Clown ShoesStout - Russian Imperial
ParabolaFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyStout - Russian Imperial
Parabola (2014)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyStout - Russian Imperial
Smoking Wood (Bourbon Barrel Aged) (2014)The BruerySmoked Beer
The Good, The Bad & The UnidragonClown ShoesStout - Russian Imperial
13.5SucubaFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyBarleywine - English
Sucuba (2014)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyBarleywine - American
Track #10: Bat Out of HellThe Lost AbbeyStout - American Imperial / Double
13.4Stickee Monkee (2014)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyStrong Ale - American
13.3Sucuba (2015)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyBarleywine - American
13.2Bravo (2017)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyBrown Ale - Imperial / Double
HelldoradoFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyBarleywine - American
Helldorado (2015)Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyBarleywine - American
13.1Bishop's Barrel No. 15Saint Arnold Brewing CompanyBarleywine - English


Palate Wrecker is thy name! Again, only the top few (IBU > 100) are shown on this table.

149Palate WreckerGreen Flash Brewing CompanyIPA - Imperial / Double
120120 Minute IPADogfish Head BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
120 Minute IPA (2012)Dogfish Head BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
Dreamcrusher Double IPADeep Ellum Brewing CompanyIPA - Imperial / Double
118Cedar Aged More CowbellBuffalo Bayou BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
More Cowbell Double IPABuffalo Bayou BrewingIPA - Imperial / Double
115Hop DelusionKarbach Brewing Co.IPA - Imperial / Double
Pussy WagonBrash Brewing CompanyIPA - American
114The JabberwockyLone Pint BreweryIPA - Imperial / Double
110Stone RuinTen Triple IPAStone BrewingIPA - Triple
ValkyrieSouthern Star Brewing CompanyIPA - Imperial / Double
108PuffSixpoint BreweryIPA - Imperial / Double
The EffectBrazos Valley BrewingIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale
104Hog HeavenAvery Brewing Co.IPA - Imperial / Double
Hog Heaven Barleywine (2014)Avery Brewing Co.IPA - Imperial / Double
103Mr. Chain-Blue LightningWest Flanders Brewing Co.IPA - Imperial / Double
ResinSixpoint BreweryIPA - Imperial / Double
102The MaharajaAvery Brewing Co.IPA - Imperial / Double
101Imperial IPA (2014)Green Flash Brewing CompanyIPA - Imperial / Double

Top Check-in Locations

Of the 451 locations I was brazen enough to check a beer in at, there are 165 where I checked in only once. Some of those were just for fun (Luckenbach Texas, Thumb Butte Lookout, The Carousel Bar in New Orleans, Leavenworth Federal Prison (the kids were so proud), Houston Air Traffic Control Tower (fly by), Hidden Corner Ewa Beach on Oahu, Grand Canyon National Park Airport, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room (at the game where the Packer came back from 21 down to beat the Cowboys with a backup QB!),  Cenote Yokdzonot (in the Yucatan), and the Bull Shark Feeding Grounds (I don’t remember where this was!).

Obviously at home check-ins were the highest. And yes, I’ve checked in 4 beers at Lambeau Field (so far!).

Check-In LocationTotal
Ketchersid Sports Bar484
Kilburn's Tavern & Grille81
Mike's Pizza & Tap House56
Rockwell Grill49
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema- Vintage Park44
Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill42
Willard's Tap House39
Mo's Irish Pub38
The Shack37
Whole Foods Market31
Bar fly31
Cigar City Brewing30
Buffalo Wild Wings24
The Holy Grail Pub23
BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse20
Big Storm Pinellas20
World of Beer18
US Post Office18
Freetail Brewing Co.17
Brick House Tavern + Tap16
Rumba Island Bar & Grill15
Petrol Station15
Mellow Mushroom14
Karbach Brewing Co.14
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium14
Texas Renaissance Festival13
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott13
Ker's WingHouse Bar &; Grill12
Crooked Thumb Brewing12
Craft Pride12
Brix Wine Cellars &; Restaurant12
The Hay Merchant11
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Liberty Station11
Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West11
Moon Tower Inn11
G'Raj Mahal Cafe11
City of Highlands Ranch11
Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden11
Amalie Arena11
Old School Pizza &; Suds10
Ketchersid Sky Bar10
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion10
Ceviche Tapas Bar &; Restaurant10
B-52 Brewing Company10
Taco Mac9
Fort Collins Brewery &; Tavern9
Dunedin Brewery9
The Westin Alexandria8
The Hideaway8
Tampa International Airport (TPA) (Tampa International Airport)8
Mike's Pizza and Tap House 28
Meddlesome Moth8
Ballast Point Tasting Room &; Kitchen - Little Italy8
Abel's on the Lake8
Peli Peli7
Mongoose vs Cobra7
George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) (George Bush Intercontinental Airport)7
Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen7
Chester's Hamburgers7
Brooks Tower7
Art and Soul7
Arkane Aleworks7
Valley Tavern6
Saltgrass Steak House6
New Belgium Brewing6
El Tiempo Cantina - Vintage Park6
Courtyard by Marriott6
BRC Gastropub6
54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse6
Whistle Stop Grill &; Bar5
Trademark Drink &; Eat5
The Quarter Bar &; Grill5
The Porter Beer Bar5
The Original Ninfa's on Navigation5
Penn Social5
Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen5
La Taberna L__pulo5
JW Marriott Austin5
Jester King Brewery5
Frenchy's Rockaway Grill5
Cypress Street Pint &; Plate5
Brigadoon Brewery5
8th Wonder Brewery5
3 Stacks Smoke &; Tap House5
Watson's House of Ale's4
Twin Peaks Restaurant4
Taps Valley Gastropub4
Southern Star Brewing Company4
Shadow cliff swim club4
Saint Arnold Brewing Company4
Rock Bottom Brewery4
Reserve 1014
Punta Cana Dominican Restaurant4
Pizza e Birra4
Outback Steakhouse4
Omni Shoreham Hotel4
Omni Austin Hotel Downtown4
Oggi’s Pizza &; Brewhouse Point Loma4
Mike's Pizza &; Deli Station4
Makaha Valley Towers4
Maggiano's Little Italy4
Luz En Yucatan4
Lucky's Pub4
Lambeau Field4
La Bierhaus4
L'affaire est Ketchup4
Hop Scholar Ale House4
Hank's Oyster Bar4
Great Divide Brewing Co.4
Draught House Pub &; Brewery4
Corsaire Microbrasserie4
City Acre Brewing4
Cedar Creek Caf_©, Bar &; Grill4
Capitol City Brewing Company4
Bare Arms Brewing Company4
American Airlines Center4
Wynkoop Brewing Co.3
White Horse Tavern3
Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie3
United Club3
Tropicana Field3
Tilted Kilt King of Prussia3
Thumb Butte Trail3
The Vortex Bar &; Grill3
The Marketplace3
The Local Peasant3
The Jefferson Hotel3
The Big Texan Steak Ranch3
Rockyard Brewing Co.3
Ramen Tatsu-ya3
Prescott Brewing Company3
Poblano's Grill &; Bar3
Phantom Ales &; Home Brew Shop3
Odell Brewing Co.3
Mussel Bar &; Grille3
Megg's Cafe3
La Merienda3
Hotel S_°mara Inn3
Hog Island Oyster Co.3
Growler's Beer and Wine To Go3
Fredericksburg Brewing Company3
Foxworthy Shopping Center3
Falling Rock Tap House3
Exhibit Ale3
El Prez3
Dixie Tavern3
Carrabba's Italian Grill3
Can Can Brasserie3
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.3
Brick Store Pub3
Big Woodrow's3
Big Hops Gastropub3
Beer Market Co.3
Bavarian Brauhaus3
Baba Yega3
Avery Brewing Company3
Anothai Cuisine3
20 Mile Tap House3
Zona Arqueol__gica de Uxmal2
Wung Thai and Sushi Bar2
West Flanders Brewing Company2
USS Midway Flight Deck2
United Club - Terminal C2
TJ's Sports Bar &; Grill2
The Townsend2
The Sunset Restaurant2
The Strand Historic District2
The Shack Burger Resort - Rose Hill2
The Raven2
The Oasis on Lake Travis2
The Moon Under Water2
The Lion &; Rose British Restaurant &; Pub2
The Hoppy Monk2
The Crafted Plate2
The Cherry Cricket2
The Brown Hotel2
Tarpon Tavern2
Table and Tavern2
Swanky's Oysters &; Libations2
Stats Sports Bar &; Grill2
Sprouts Farmers Market2
South City Kitchen Vinings2
Shogun Hibachi Grill - Vintage2
Shady Grove2
Shack Burger Resort Telge2
San Antonio International Airport (SAT)2
Saint-Alexandre Pub2
Saigon Fresh2
Safety Harbor Grill &; Bar2
Royal Gorge Train Route2
Roy's Ko Olina2
Rolling Stone Bar &; Grill2
Rolling Oaks Golf and Sports Bar2
Raymond James Stadium2
Prescott Ear Nose &; Throat2
Pizza Italia2
Pete &; Shorty's2
Pacific Moon2
Omni Houston Hotel2
Odd Duck2
Norman Y. Mineta San Jos_© International Airport (SJC) (Norman Y. Mineta San Jos_© International Airport)2
Nolan's Pub2
Noe at the Omni Los Angeles2
Nick's Sports Bar &; Grill2
New World Brewery2
Mythos Greek Taverna2
Mar y Tierra2
Manitou Springs Memorial Park2
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino2
Lone Pint Brewery2
Locatelli's Pizza2
Local Pour2
La Vela Latina Beach Bar2
La Chapelle Pub &; Grill2
Knife &; Fork Gastropub2
Kaua'i Marriott Resort2
John Wayne Airport (SNA) (John Wayne Airport)2
Hobbit Cafe2
Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Perimeter Center2
Hido Japanese Grill &; Sushi2
Hearsay Gastro Lounge2
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)2
Harrisburg International Airport (MDT)2
Grind House Bar &; Grill2
Grille District2
Green Bay Distillery2
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant2
Fourth Street Shrimp Store2
FM Smoke House2
Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue2
Ferg's Sports Bar &; Grill2
Equinox Brewing2
Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Downtown Town Lake2
El Jarro De Arturo2
El Chile Cafe y Cantina2
Drago's Seafood Restaurant2
Dr. Pepper Star Center2
Denver International Airport (DEN)2
Denver Beer Co.2
Cypress Station Grill2
Courtyard Marriott Atlanta Cumberland Center2
Courtside Grille2
Copperheads Taphouse2
CooperSmith's Pub &; Brewing :: Pubside2
Colorado Renaissance Festival2
Clearwater Yacht Club2
Clear Sky Draught Haus2
Chart House Restaurant2
Champions Restaurant &; Sports Bar2
Brother's Pizza2
Boiler House Texas Grill &; Wine Garden2
Boardwalk - Santa Monica Beach2
Black Sheep Lodge2
Billy's On Burnet2
Bernie's Burger Bus Stop2
Bear Creek Soccer Fields2
BB's Tex-Orleans Cooking!2
Barton's Lounge2
Barren Hill Tavern &; Brewery2
Barley Mow Brewing Company2
Baker St. Pub &; Grill2
Auberge St-Antoine2
Apoala | Mexican Cuisine2
All_¥ French Rotisserie2
Alamo Drafthouse Ritz2
A_©roport International Jean-Lesage de Qu_©bec (YQB) (A_©roport International Jean-Lesage de Qu_©bec)2
8th Avenue Pub2
400 Beach Seafood &; Tap House2
11 Below Brewing2
Wrecking Bar Brewpub1
Woodway &; Voss1
WinStar World Casino and Resort1
Via 3131
Twin Liquors1
Twin Liqours1
Tuckahoe Plantation1
Toyota Center1
Toby Keith's I Love This Bar &; Grill1
Titletown Brewing Co.1
Tilted Kilt Clearwater1
Thumb Butte Lookout1
The Villa Restaurant of Woodland Hills1
The Trinity Hotel1
The Train Tracks1
The Ronald Reagan Pub1
The Ranch at Las Colinas1
The Pool1
The Palace1
The Old Stone Church Restaraunt1
The Hot Tub At The Fairfield Inn1
The Goodwin1
The Container Bar1
The Carousel Bar &; Lounge1
Thai Chili1
Terminal B1
Tampa Bay Brewing Company1
TAG Lounge &; Bar1
Swift's Attic1
SUR Beach House1
Stopped By A Train1
St. Petersburg Marriott Clearwater1
SPIN! Neapolitan Pizza Overland Park1
Southside Flying Pizza1
Southern Star Brewing Company Taproom1
somewhere in houston1
Soda Springs Park1
Smart Financial Centre1
SLS Las Vegas1
Sea Devil Tavern1
Santikos Silverado 19 IMAX1
Sam Snead's Tavern1
Sal's Italian Restaurant1
Rusty Bellies1
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)1
Richmond International Airport (RIC)1
Poppy's Seafood Grill1
Polish Pub1
Piedra de Agua1
Phillip's Seafood1
Phantom Ranch1
Perfect Landing Restaurant1
Pepsi Center1
Pateros Creek Brewing1
Pappas Seafood House1
Osteria Mazzantini1
opa's schnitzel haus1
Onion Creek1
Omni Hotel at CNN Center1
Niko Niko's1
New Orleans City Park1
Native Bar and Kitchen1
Na Pali Coast1
Monarch Restaurant1
Minute Maid Park1
Miller Outdoor Theatre1
Mellow Mushroom - San Antonio1
McCray's Tavern on the Square1
McCarran International Airport (LAS)1
MAX's Wine Dive Austin1
Luis Mu_±oz Mar__n International Airport (SJU) (Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Mu_±oz Mar__n)1
Luckenbach Texas and Dance Hall1
Local Republic1
Little India1
Little Colorado River Gorge1
Levi's Stadium1
Leavenworth Federal Prison1
Latin Bites1
Lankford's Grocery &; Market1
La Tratto Santa Luc__a1
La Chaya Maya1
La Carafe1
Kurios By Cirque Du Soleil1
King's Bierhaus1
Kennedy's Chicago Pizza1
Kansas City International Airport (MCI) (Kansas City International Airport)1
Johnson Beer Fridge1
Jackson's Denver1
Houstonia Magazine1
Houston Greek Festival1
Houston Air Traffic Control Tower1
Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin1
Hotel El Convento1
Hopdoddy Burger Bar1
Hoover's Cooking1
Hilton Austin1
Hidden Corner Ewa Beach1
Harvest by Roy Ellamar1
Hard Eight BBQ1
Hall of Fame Chophouse1
Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen &; Bar1
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken1
Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN)1
Gordon Biersch Bar &; Restaurant1
Galveston Seawall1
Galveston Beach @ Murdochs1
Frankies Spuntino 5701
Frank &; Angie's1
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History1
Ford Thunder Alley - West Plaza, Tampa Bay Times Forum1
Flight 17051
El Tucho1
El Naranjo1
Editing Desk1
Echo Lake Lodge1
Dubliner Restaurant &; Pub1
Dover's Grill1
Discovery Green1
Denver Oktoberfest1
Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL)1
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room1
Cypress Saloon1
Craft Street Kitchen Oldsmar1
Courtyard San Diego Airport/Liberty Station1
Clicks Billiards San Antonio North1
Chipotle Mexican Grill1
Chinatown Express1
Chefusion Bar/lounge UPstairs1
Cenote Yokdzonot1
Carlyle Club1
Capparelli's Restaurant1
Canyon Creek1
Cafe Marrese1
Cabo Wabo1
Bull shark feeding grounds1
Bonefish Grill1
Bombay Pizza Co.1
Blue Bar at Brenner's on the Bayou1
Bikestation Washington DC1
Barclays Center1
Ban Thai Restaurant - Clearwater1
Ban Thai Restaurant1
Bam Bam Vietnamese1
Bahama Breeze1
Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) (Austin Bergstrom International Airport)1
AT&;T Stadium1
AOA Bar &; Grill1
Antico Pizza Napoletana1
AMC Willowbrook 241
Alley Theatre1
Acme Oyster House1
3rd Bar Eating House1

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Steps to Rate and Review Apps on the Apple App Store

An App’s visibility on the Apple App Store is enhanced by its ratings and reviews. We’ve received many great ratings and reviews for our JoSara MeDia apps that are in the Apple App Store. And the steps to provide App Store reviews and ratings have changed slightly between the current iOS10 and the forthcoming iOS11 (now in preview).

What some users are not aware of is that the rating visibility of an App is reset with each new version. Even a minor change to an app will cause the ratings to reset. For example, we made a minor change to our Grand Canyon app to make the videos fit better when the iPhone 7 and 7+ were released. Even though the Grand Canyon app has only five star ratings (13 at last count) those ratings are not visible on the new version unless a user explicitly selects to look for reviews and ratings for “All Versions.”

There are several ways to ensure re-ratings, such as in-app pop-ups (Update: this will change with iOS11 as Apple will require developers to use its own in-app rating API, which will limit the number of times a user is prompted).. But users can also go into the App Store from their iPhone or iPad and easily rate apps.

The main differences between App Store reviews and ratings in iOS10 and the iOS11 preview are:

  • the app developer will be given a method (most likely in iTuneConnect) to select whether they would like ratings to carry across updates (hat tip to Reddit user emlombardo for pointing this out)
  • to rate an app on iOS11 can be done from the app’s page in the app store without going into the “Write a Review” section. This should provide for more ratings, albeit without reviews.

Here are the steps. Screenshots are below.

  1. Tap on the App Store Icon
  2. Tap in Search
  3. Type in “josara” to search for JoSara MeDia apps (or any other app name or app developer if you want to rate their apps)
  4. Scroll to the app you want to rate and tap on that apps name
  5. For iOS 10 and earlier versions:
    1. tap on the “Reviews” tab (between “Details” and “Related)
    2. tap on “Write a Review”
    3. tap on a star rating (5 stars is best, 1 star is worst)
    4. if you like, enter a title and a review of the app
  6. For iOS 11 (as of the current beta)
    1. scroll down to the “Ratings and Reviews” section
    2. tap on a star rating
    3. if you like tap on “Write a Review”

Click on the screenshots for App Store reviews and ratings in the table below to see larger versions.

iOS10 and earlier
Locate App Store
Locate Search icon
Enter Search Terms
View Search Results
Select App to Rate and/or Review
For iOS10, tap on "Reviews" header.

For iOS11, scroll down to "Reviews" section
For iOS 10, tap on the "All Versions" tab to see ratings and reviews for all versions.

For iOS11, as of the current preview release, I can find no such option
To Rate an App:

For iOS 10, tap on "Write a Review." Star ratings are inside the "Write a Review" section. Tap a star, then tap send. Reviews are optional.

For iOS11, simply tap on the star rating.
To Review an App, tap on the "Write a Review" label in both versions

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