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David Byrne and Brian Eno together again

The Talking Head’s live album “Stop Making Sense” was the staple at our Rugby games, the tunes that got us jazzed up to play. The movie of “Stop Making Sense” (cue the visual of Byrne dancing in his over sized suit) really pounded that album into my brain.

Byrne has re-united with Brian Eno who produced several Talking Head’s albums for a new album called Everything that Happens will Happen Today. The streamer for it is embedded below. Good to hear you again, Mr. Byrne, and please bring back the suit.

April Fool’s jokes I fell for this year

Normally, I don’t fall for them, I inflict them. My wife and I had our combined bachelor/bachelorette party on April 1st, and some people didn’t show because they thought we were joking (we weren’t….at least I wasn’t, my wife some days reserves judgment).

But this year: Hakeem’s return and The Legend of Zelda…both nailed me (and my son, for the second one). (more…)

Hakeem the Dream

Congrats, Hakeem Olajuwon

Hall of fame recently and statue honoring his career dedicated today.

And impeccable taste in hardware.Hakeem the Dream

After the break is a video of my favorite Hakeem moment (and, as we had season tickets through his entire Houston career, there were many): taking David Robinson to school on the day the Admiral (or the Seaman as we called him in Hou) won the league MVP.

Rockets lose to Spurs, 9 games left in the stretch

Following today’s 109-88 mauling by the Spurs, the Rocks are 3-4 following their record setting 22 game winning streak.

There’s not much to speak about today’s game: Scola and Landry showed why there is still hope for the Rockets; T-Mac’s shoulder and Rafer’s reversion to poor shooting showed why there is worry. (more…)

Rocks beat the Lake Show, 22 in a row and 1st in the West

1st place in the Western Conference must feel good, but how they got there, with many people playing a part, must make them feel even better. Lakers down, Celtics next up in Tuesday night (after playing in SA on Monday night).

Watch the ESPN highlights for a nice graphic of Shane Battier’s hand in Kobe’s face…on almost every shot. And a nice 4th quarter block of a Kobe jumper. (Fran Blinebury from the Houston Chronicle has a nice shout out to Shane on the work he does every night).

T-Mac gets zero points in the first half but the Rockets still lead by 15.

Rafer Alston cements himself into the elite point guards of this season with trey after trey after trey.

And Bobby Jackson, whom I and many others were about to dismiss and start a “play Aaron Brooks more” campaign, finally shows why Adelman traded for him.

Playoff season is looking better and better.


Saw the Rockets win #19

We are still not sure which was better:

  • Mutumbo getting 5 blocks + finger wagging opportunities….all in the first half (blessDikembe his 41 year old body);
  • Richard Jefferson of the Nets dunking on Mutumbo, trying to wag his finger at Deke, and getting T’d up for taunting (yes, we know Deke is protected by a double standard, and we like that);
  •  Novak the designated three point shooter draining a few 3′s;
  • T-Mac having only 2 points for a long time, then moments later he has 19 and can sit out Q4;
  • Rice University grad Mike Harris making the most of his playing time with some hustle plays;
  • Carl Landry, the rooking Harris is replacing, looking sharp in a suit on the bench (resting up for the Lakers this weekend). (more…)

Yao Out, still the hottest team in the NBA

I was traveling yesterday, didn’t get the news until I turned on the Rockets vs. Wizards during the 3rd quarter when I got home.

Statistics usually don’t lie (people make them lie, but that is another story). If you look at the statistical leaders in the Rocket’s games before the All-Star game (when the stress fracture apparently happened, or got worse), Yao led the team in points and rebounds (Cleveland, Atlanta, Portland, Sacramento). In the four games after, he led in rebounds twice and did not lead in points.

McGrady led in points in three of those four games after the break (i.e., there is always hope however slim it may be). (more…)

A Fire Upon the Deep

bookrev: A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

Winner of the 1993 HugoA Fire Upon the Deep

Vernor Vinge is in the list of SF/Fantasy novelists with the most Hugo/Nebula awards. Yet I had not yet read any of his works. This is my first; it is excellent and imaginative space opera, with at least three alien species that are well thought through and intertwines micro and macro plot elements.

The macro element involves a Transcendent being called “The Blight” which begins absorbing worlds (apparently through their technologies) after being accidentally released by a human expedition. The Blight annihilates the human expedition and their home world, except for one freighter which escapes to crash land on a planet. Transcendence is only explained in adequate vagueness, but my assumption is that it refers to an AI gaining self-awareness and self-control. (more…)


Rockets best record in 2008 but still out of the playoffs

The Rockets have gone 17-3 since January 3, the best record from that date to theRockets current All Star break. But with 30 games left in the regular season, in spite of that run they are still in 9th place in the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture. The Rockets are 4.5 games behind the Conference leading Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Hornets.

This is an indication of both how poorly the Rockets played before Jan. 3 (15-17) and how competitive the Western Conference is. Plus, of the 20 games in the 17-3 record, six were against Western Conference foes ahead of them in the schedule (wins vs. SA, Golden State and Portland twice, losses to New Orleans and Utah); there was no Dallas, Lakers or Suns in that mix. The Rockets are playing well, but the opponents have not been the cream of the crop. (more…)

Carl Landry

Rockets emerge, but not the ones we expected

Carl LandryAfter beating Portland on the road last night, the Rockets wake up to find themselves one game out of the playoff picture and a game and a half behind the 7th seed. They’ve won 4 in a row, and 8 of their last ten; if not for a let down at home against Philly, their recent string (including a win at home against the Spurs) would have all taking notice.

But it is not the players who were heralded as the ones to take the team over the top at the beginning of the season that are making a difference. Stevie Franchise and Mike James, proclaimed as difference makers, are getting little to no playing time.

It is the kids, Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola who are proving to be the difference makers. Though they are rookies and make rookie mistakes, they are bringing energy and desire to the talent that Yao and McGrady have, and seem to be energizing the old timers on the team. (more…)

Re-reading MSandT

Re-reading Tad William's Memory, Sorrow and Thorn

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Dusk Before the Dawn

Dusk Before the Dawn

Software By the Kilo

Software by the Kilo


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