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Texas Almanac 2010-2011

Texas Almanac 2010-2011

When I was a kid, every Christmas my mother would wrap an Almanac under the tree. This was back in the day before the Internet (yes, kids, there was such a time), so these books were treasure troves of information. I still have some old World Almanacs in my collection, but until recently have not purchased one.

After leafing through my new copy of theĀ Texas Almanac 2010-2011, I am wondering why I waited so long.

Published since 1857 (and this year by the Texas State Historical Association), this every two year compendium of Texas is a beautifully packaged collection of the obvious and the not-so-obvious.

The cornerstone of the 700+ page Almanac is the almost 200 pages with thumbnails of each of Texas 254 counties. A map for each county is shown, along with information on physical features, economy, history, ethnicity, vital stats, recreation, minerals, agriculture, information on the cities in the county and population. (more…)

Re-reading MSandT

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Dusk Before the Dawn

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Software By the Kilo

Software by the Kilo


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