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Doc Savage booksThe table below shows Doc Savage paperback books, including my current inventory. Books underlined have links to my notes on those titles. You can sort the table below by clicking on the column headers. Info for this table came from The Doc Savage Publishing Record by Will Murray , The 86th Floor, Chris Kalb’s fantastic summary, and Win Scott Eckert’s Doc Savage Chronology. By my count, there are 132 books to collect (96 single number books (#1-96)), 15 doubles (97-126), 13 Omnibus editions (each containing 4 or 5 stories) and 8 un-numbered singles (including Escape from Loki by PJF). I have yet to add in all of The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage books from Will Murray (a project for another day).

Cover images are included where I could find them or scan my own in.

Where you see that I do not have a copy, donations of Doc Savage books are, of course, accepted and appreciated.

Also, if you need some background on Doc Savage, here is a link to a primer I wrote in 2011 for the Hugo-award winning SFSignal.

Key to some abbreviations: 1st pub=Street and Smith pub date; B#=Bantam series number; B date=Bantam publish date; PJF date=Philip Jose Farmer’s date of when these events “truly happened”.

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