2013 Books Read

Book titles that are underlined are linked to notes posted or reviews written for other sites.

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Hide Me Among the GravesTim Powerskindle
The Lost Fleet: DauntlessJack CampbellJoshreview at SFSignal
first in The Lost Fleet series
The House of HadesRick RiordanHeroes of Olympus, Books Four
UnbrokenLaura Hilldebrand
The Guns at Last LightRick Atkinson641 plus 170 pages on notesVolume Three of the Liberation Trilogy
Duty to InvestigateJ.W. Stone275
The Atrocity ArchivesCharles Stross235
Happy Hour in HellTad WilliamsSFSignal (Review)Bobby Dollar #2
The ListenersJames Gunn
TranscendentalJames Gunnfrom PublisherInterview on SFSignal
The Undead Hordes of Kan-GulJon F. MerzNetgalley eARC
Many Lives, Many MastersBrian L. Weiss, M.D.219
Hugo Voter Pack

Throne of the Crescent MoonSaladin Ahmed367Hugo Voter Pack
BlackoutMira GrantHugo Voter PackVolume 3 in the Newsflesh trilogy
RedshirtsJohn ScalziHugo Voter Pack
2312Kim Stanley RobinsonHugo Voter Pack
Unburning AlexandriaPaul LevinsonJoSara MeDia
The Dirty Streets of HeavenTad Williams406SIGNED!Volume 1 of Bobby Dollar
Extinction MachineJonathan MaberryJosh
HominidsRobert J. Sawyer413SIGNED!Volume 1 of the Neanderthal Parallax. Hugo Award Winner
The Black PrismBrent Weeks
Skull IslandWill Murray385ARCDoc Savage and King Kong
The Civil War: A Narrative. Volume 1 - Fort Sumter to PerryvilleShelby Foote801
How will you Measure your Life?Clayton M. Christensen
James Allworth
Karen Dillon
206from Terry

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