Other Writings

Technology Articles for the Global Intelligencer


  • DRAFT: Coaches Corner (with my friend Zeke)
  • OUTLINE: Compaq History
  • OUTLINE: Book on Anorexia and Bulimia (with my daughter and wife)


  • SUBMITTED: Sonata Final Movement (short story)
  • SUBMITTED: The Ranking (short story)
  • SUBMITTED: Alien Yin (short story)
  • DRAFT: Lightning in a Bottle (short story)
  • DRAFT: Why I Invented Teleportation (short story)
  • DRAFT: The Coat (short story)
  • DRAFT: Neighborly Advice (short story)
  • DRAFT: Voices in my Head
  • OUTLINE: School of Enlightenment (novel: sequel to Dusk Before the Dawn)
  • OUTLINE: Grandfather’s Wheelchair (novel)
  • OUTLINE: Numbers and the Elementals (novel)
  • OUTLINE: Human Garbage (short story)
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