bookrev: Tepper isn’t Going Out by Calvin Trillian

4 stars: Amusing big city satire

When someone knows the minutiae of parking laws, times and places, and wants to get the absolute most out of time on the meter, they are definitly from the big city and probably from New York City. To those of us that travel there, it is a confusing set of signposts that may often result in an encounter with NYC Parking Po-lice. To Murray Tepper, it is a well known, well marked (mostly) and well travelled map.

Tepper Isn’t Going Out is amusing satire, laugh out loud in a few places. Great characterizations (other than Murray himself, the mayor, the pollster, and many of the people on the street) and a plot that borders on ridiculousness while still taking bits and pieces from today’s newspaper headlines.

Highly recommended, would make a nice read for a long plane ride or weekend vacation.

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