I’m a guy; I like maps. History books, science fiction with complex worlds or battles, all should (and many do) have excellent detailed maps. I’m the geek who refers back to the maps while reading Crystal Rain by Tobias S. Buckell to see how far down the peninsula the Azteca have moved as they attack, or refer to Rick Atkinson’s excellent maps in his World War II liberation saga, just to remind myself where the Allies and Axis armies are.

And, yes, I have sat my blackberry on my lap with google maps loaded on it while I drive the Interstates of Texas. Even though it’s a straight shot and I know where I’m going, I like to see what’s next and how far it is. I like maps, got it?

Therefore, I like the website Strangemaps. It’s a cross between the history maps of our reality and the science fiction maps of other realities. If you haven’t checked it out, hit the link and scroll through a couple of them. Below (given my frequency of driving across Texas) is my latest fav from the site.


And, yes, this is truly how Texans view the world.

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