Michael Moorcock on Adventures in SciFi Publishing

  • Elric
  • The Chronicles of Corum
  • The Eternal Champion
  • Von Bek
  • Hawkmoon
  • Gloryanna
  • The Warlord of the Air

Chronicles of CorumAll are sitting on my shelves, all enjoyable reads from the venerable Mr. Moorcock, the subject of this week’s podcast from my friends Shaun and the lovely Sam (or is it Sam and the lovely Shaun??) at Adventures in SciFi Publishing. The Chronicles of Corum and, of course, Elric, are my particular faves. I learned quite a bit from the interview Shaun does with Mr. Moorcock, including some reminders and flashbacks to the early days of scifi, and some glimpses of his new novel and future works. Highly recommended podcast, this episode and all others.

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