April Fool’s jokes I fell for this year

Normally, I don’t fall for them, I inflict them. My wife and I had our combined bachelor/bachelorette party on April 1st, and some people didn’t show because they thought we were joking (we weren’t….at least I wasn’t, my wife some days reserves judgment).

But this year: Hakeem’s return and The Legend of Zelda…both nailed me (and my son, for the second one).

I can plead weak emotional moment on the return of Hakeem saga. Yao Ming was pronounced out for the season with a stress fracture of the foot at the end of February; the Rockets 22-game win streak ended March 18, and the Rocks were stumbling toward the playoffs. We hardcore fans were bemoaning yet another season lost to injury, and one where our team had shown it’s mettle in the 2nd longest win streak in NBA history.

So Greg sends me this, on a day when I am not even paying attention to the day:

Olajuwon to attempt comeback with Rockets

That is freaking awesome, I typed (at least I was scammed over chat, not in person). He’s old but he’s in great shape!

Greg let me go for a while. And frankly, I still wouldn’t doubt it, as the Dream is in great shape and is a relentless competitor….and the Rocks are down to Utah 3-1.

Then, earlier today, my son and I (movie buffs, esp. superheros, martial arts, video game tie-ins…you know, the deep thoughtful movies that 17 and 46 year old  men can enjoy together) watched an online preview for The Legend of Zelda. He was stoked, he’d already watched is a hundred times before he showed it to me.

We played Zelda on an old original Nintendo when my daughter was very young and my son was a baby. And he went on to play most of the games in the series.

He was showing me the preview on MySpace TV, and it hung up. The trailer at IGN all over it, so I told him to do to IGN. We found this lovely article stating that it was an elaborate April Fools hoax.

The trailer is sweet, I am sure we weren’t the only ones drooling in anticipation. You can see it on YouTube.

Gonna have to start planning for next April 1st…

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  1. Aleen says:

    Good afternoon, Happy Fool’s Day!

    Doctor: You’re in good health. You’ll live to be eighty.
    Patient: But, doctor, I am 80 right now.
    Doctor: See, what did I tell you.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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