Sage Rosenfels in Playing for Pizza by John Grisham

Image by Brett Coomer of the Houston ChronicleIn Grisham’s excellent book Playing for Pizza, Rick Dockery is a 3rd string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who comes into the game with a 17 point lead and only a few minutes remaining.

In the Houston Texans not-so-excellent game yesterday against the Indianapolis Colts, Sage Rosenfels, the 2nd string quarterback for the Texans, played a terrific game through three-and-a-half quarters, posting the Texans to a 17 point lead.

In Playing for Pizza, Dockery throws three intereptions in eleven minutes and the Browns lose the game.

In Houston, Rosenfels fumbles twice and throws an interception in the last 3:54, and the Texans remain winless losing 31-27.

In Playing for Pizza, Dockery ends up in the Italian Football League, “playing for pizza” with the Parma Panthers.

In Houston, we’ll just have to wait and see where Sage ends up. A great game up until the last 4 minutes. Maybe he can play Dockery in the movie version…

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