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Twilight, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter: the young adult novel series are outselling “adult” books, and the movies are following suit.

I’ve read and written notes on all the books in the series, so a short note about the movie.

The movie, unlike some screen adaptations, does not stray AT ALL from the novel. The screenwriter (Melissa Rosenberg) knew that legions of Stephenie Meyer’s fans would descend upon this film. So even the dialog was lifted directly from the pages of the book.

Guys, have no doubt: even though there are vampires here, this is definitely the chick flick of the year (yes, say what you will, I took my wife). The book was aimed at teenage girls, and the movie follow suit. There is some action, some interesting sequences…but for the most part this is a film about a teenage girl in love with a vampire that looks teenaged (but like all vamps is much older).


  • It doesn’t stray far from the book;
  • The baseball playing sequence is excellent (gotta play during a thunderstorm because their bats are load);
  • The scenery is gorgeous, the cinematographer is to be congratulated. Beautiful shots of the Washington state area;
  • The scene were Edward take Bella to meet his family is quite funny, and quite well done (they watch the cooking channel, they’ve never used the kitchen, she ate before she got there because she knew they didn’t eat).


  • Some of the acting is painful, particularly the other high school kids. C’mon, I know high schoolers are awkward (my son is one) but the ones I know are not nearly this goofy. Maybe I am lucky?
  • Parts of the movie, like parts of the book, were just downright boring. Might be different for teenage girls…
  • In the book, the Cullens were supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous; in the movie, not so much. Rosalie looked like a two-bit hooker, not the ravishing beauty that the book describes.
  • Quite a bit of overacting throughout, not just with Bella’s high school friends, but with Bella and Edward in some scenes as well.

Bottom line: if you liked the book, you will like the movie.

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