Nominated for the Reader’s Choice Award

Since it is a British web site, it was undoubtedly one of the five and a half readers of my novel in the UK, but someone nominated my novel for the Reader’s Choice Award. So thanks to either Mark, Marty, Hugh, Margaret, Margaret’s dad or Margaret’s Dad’s dog. I appreciate it.

It could have been some of my extended Italian family cause they buy from I tell them to get the book from, but even though shipping is less, they tell me they’d rather not buy from the French. But we won’t start any international incidents here, will we??

The awards are based on reader votes, so if you are so inclined, go and vote. Here is how from their web site:

Your Vote !

Simply send an email to to support one of the listed entries opposite. Enter the full book name as shown under each icon without the authors name in the subject bar of your email and press ‘send’.

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