Romance blog review? Never thought I’d see the day

Software by the Kilo was reviewed on the Coffee Time Romance web site. I did try to follow my wife’s instructions to lower the geek factor in my second novel, but never dreamed it would be reviewed on a romance blog, much less get a four out of five coffee cup rating (after a four out of five spider rating from a review on WebbWeaver, four is becoming a good number).

From the review:

Software by the Kilo is a neat story that flows like a roller coaster. With an exciting plot and a multi-cast of characters, this story is anything but dull; Larry Ketchersid creates a fast-paced good read. He not only creatively fashions unforgettable main characters but secondary ones, too. I really enjoyed the character of Jason and how he dealt with the problem of carrying his laptop, trying to find internet access, and even his composure in some of the toughest situations. I can understand why he was the level-headed person of the twosome in this venture project. This story will definitely keep one on their toes.

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