2010 Books Read

The list was getting long, this is work in progress separating it out. Book titles that are underlined are linked to notes posted or reviews written for other sites.

Table columns are sortable, cover images are clickable. ENJOY!

The Mystery on the SnowKenneth RobesonDoc Savage #69
The KenseiMerzJon F.SF Signaladvance reader copy
The MonstersKenneth Robeson138Doc Savage #7
Jack of RavensChadbournMark374traded signed copiesKingdom of the Serpent: Book1
Meteor MenaceKenneth Robeson140Doc Savage #3
How Hockey Saved the WorldCharnsAlex133Al
The Man Who Shook the EarthKenneth Robeson154Doc Savage #43
The Judas ConspiracyWilliamsLeslie Winfield
The World Crisis - Part 1 (1911-1914)ChurchillSir Winston S.288
The Phantom CityKenneth Robeson137Doc Savage #10
Jade: OutlawFlynnRobert
The Czar of FearKenneth Robeson140Doc Savage #22
The Lost HeroRiordanRickThe Heroes of Olympus #1
Blade DancerViehlS. L.314Signed book tradeReviewed at SFSignal.com
The Rosetta KeyDietrichWilliam353Ethan Gage #2
The ApostleThorBrad510Scot Horvath #8
A History of the French Legation in TexasHarfertepeKenneth54TSHA
The Battle of the AlamoProctorBen H.40TSHA
The Battle of San JacintoPohlJames W.64TSHA
The Sargasso OgreKenneth Robeson140Doc Savage #18
Water from StoneGreeneJeffrey207From Steve
The Lost OasisKenneth Robeson123Doc Savage #6
Black HillsSimmonsDan481
Heidegger's GlassesFrankThasia335Amazon VineWWII
Texas Almanac 2010-2011Ms. Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez (Editor), Mr. Robert Plocheck (Editor) 707haven't read it cover to coverbut I've hit most of the sections!
First Lord's FuryButcherJim#6 Codex Alera
Princep's FuryButcherJim#5 Codex Alera
Captain's FuryButcherJim508#4 Codex Alera
The Blessing WayHillermanTony177from 3-in-1 Joe Leaphorn Mysteries collection
Cursor's FuryButcherJim534#3 Codex Alera
Academ's FuryButcherJim702#2 Codex Alera
The Red SkullKenneth Robeson124Doc Savage #17
Sarah's Keyde Rosnay, Tatiana293AK
Furies of CalderonButcherJim#1 Codex Alera
Still AliceGenovaLisa292AK
Bad OmensGaiman, Neil
Pratchett, Terry
Always Forever: Age of MisRule #3Chadbourn, Mark
Darkest Hour: Age of MisRule #2Chadbourn,Mark
The Dragon Factory (Joe Ledger #2)MaberryJonathan486SF Signalreviewed for SF Signal
World's End: Age of MisRule #1Chadbourn, Markreviewed for SF Signal
Pirate of the PacificRobeson, Kenneth Doc Savage #19
The Golden City (3rd in The Traveler)HawksJohn TwelvePublisher
In Her Name: EmpireHicksMichael R.281traded signed copies
Interred With Their BonesCarrellJennifer Lee405AK
Toward the FlameAllenHervey281WWI

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