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RUSH – Clockwork Angels

Clockwork Angels is the 20th studio album (including the EP Feedback) from the best power trio in the world, Rush. It has been five long years since Snakes and Arrows, the band’s last studio...

Congrats, Hakeem Olajuwon 0

Congrats, Hakeem Olajuwon

Hall of fame recently and statue honoring his career dedicated today. And impeccable taste in hardware. After the break is a video of my favorite Hakeem moment (and, as we had season tickets through...

Saw the Rockets win #19 0

Saw the Rockets win #19

We are still not sure which was better: Mutumbo getting 5 blocks + finger wagging opportunities….all in the first half (bless his 41 year old body); Richard Jefferson of the Nets dunking on Mutumbo,...

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