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Combining the traditions and legends of ancient Mayan culture and martial arts with the possibilities of nanotechnology and quantum mechanics, DUSK BEFORE THE DAWN is a thrilling novel of one man’s terrifying vision to change the world, and the people who oppose him trying to not only survive in the new world order but to shape it.

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One of the best novels I’ve come across this year – I liked it so much, I added it to my best first science fiction novels list here on Amazon. A really fine mix of ancient culture, modern-future nanotech, written by a sure hand – Paul Levinson, Author of The Plot to Save Socrates and other fiction and non-fiction books; past president of the SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America)

I thoroughly enjoyed his debut effort. This is a novel with a big idea – if our planet is truly threatened by human population growth and technology, what is the ultimate solution – and what is the morality of that solution? At what point does the idealism of a genius become insanity? And is there a need for a change in human consciousness, and can this truly be achieved? This is a lot to bite off, and the author has constructed a very fast-paced story that covers a lot of ground within an apocalyptic scenario. – William Dietrich, author of Napolean’s Pyramids, Hadrian’s Wall, and other novels

I hope Dusk Before the Dawn won’t be Larry Ketchersid’s last novel…he needs to get more of us thinking. – Dr. Phil Rhyne of Multiverse Reviews

A fascinating mixture of mysticism, nanotechnology and martial arts. The book reminded me a bit of King’s “The Stand,” but not because of any story similarities (there aren’t many), but because of the way the writer deals with a multitude of characters embroiled in a world facing near-extinction. – Ty Johnston, Logical Mysanthropy

As first novels go, this one was pretty darned good and shows excellent promise. Ultimately the story is an engaging scientific/supernatural thriller. – John, SFSignal.com

Larry Ketchersid has written a very impressive first novel, one with a distinct vision and a creative approach to apocalyptical theorizing. The way of enlightenment plays just as important a role as the cutting-edge science that invigorates the story. Various sub-plots among a cast of personable characters are incorporated seamlessly into the overall narrative. The book pays tribute to the remarkable accomplishments of past cultures while introducing esoteric ideas of spiritual enlightenment and martial arts philosophy in a wonderfully engaging manner. You won’t find many novels that so effectively compare and contrast quantum mechanics with the concept of Qi. With Dusk Before the Dawn being the first book in Ketchersid’s Enlightenment Cycle, much more along these religious/spiritual lines are doubtless to come, and this reader certainly looks forward to the second installment in the series. – Daniel Jolley, Amazon Top 50 reviewer

This is my first novel, and it has garnered some excellent reviews and awards, and hasDusk Before the Dawn helped me meet many new friends and colleagues who are writers, bookstore owners and editors.

The Back cover verbiage:

An American educated Mayan sits atop a Temple in Tikal National Park, waiting.

A father helplessly watches his family fall into some kind of sleep, or trance. Then he too succumbs, begging a stranger to save them.

A PhD scientist awakens, remembering only hours ago she was in her nanotechnology lab, trying to work a solution to make incredibly small robots replicate. But she finds that she is now ill, or a prisoner, or both.

Dusk Before the Dawn is a futuristic thriller that combines technology, martial arts, ancient civilizations and adventure into one simple question: if one man believes that the world needs to change to avoid disastrous consequences, how far should he go to make that change? Is a small apocalypse now better than a larger one later?

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Book Club Questions

If you have a book club and want to read the novel, below is a list of a few discussion questions. Of course, I would be thrilled to discuss the novel with your club. And, my publisher will sell the book in quantities of 5 or more at a 40% discount, making it excellent for you book club! Contact me at larry at duskbeforethedawn dot net for more details.

  1. There are several examples in the story (and throughout the history of mankind) of one man making a decision which would have major if not world-wide implications on humanity. Are these people visionaries, lunatics or simply out for their own personal gain? What were the ramifications of these decisions?
  2. Nanotechnology (which, no, mother, I did not make up) plays a key role in the novel, and is being discussed widely in todays press. What legal constraints should be put on the usage of this technology? What ethical issues does the usage of undetectable nanobots raise?
  3. Qi (or chi) is internal energy, widely discussed in Chinese martial arts and medicine, but viewed with some skepticism by western medicine. Some have speculated that it is bioelectric energy. Is it real? Imagined? A manifestation of the Law of Attraction?
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