bookrev: Hawaii (Eyewitness Travel Guide)

2 stars: Too short, too high level

We own about 15 of the DK Eyewitness Travel guides, and have dogeared the pages over several trips. They are amazingly useful.

But this one is not their best effort. Hawaii is a very diverse place, and to try and “hit the highlights” in a travel guide is a mistake. This book is right at 200 pages, but almost 80 are about Honolulu, Wakiki and Oahu, leaving only 120 pages for all of the other islands. Even the pieces about Oahu (with little info about the west coast/Makaha and just a mattering on the North Shore) and Honolulu (with a few measly paragraphs on Pearl Harbor) is scant.

As I said, I love the DK Eyewitness series, it is the first travel book we get when going someplace new. But for Hawaii, there are several other books more in-depth. If you are going to Maui or The Big Island, I suggest getting Maui:Revealed or Hawaii The Big Island: Revealed (each 300 pages, pictures, maps, etc.)

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