tunrev: Back in Black (Dual Disc) – AC/DC

5 stars: Great album, nice mini-DVD story line

I bought this (finally) as a replacement for the old worn out LP, after giving up that AC/DC will ever be on iTunes. The album speaks for itself as one of the greatest metal albums of all time.

But the DVD, though short, is great. I saw both the Bon Scott fronted and Brian Johnson fronted AC/DC at live concerts (yeah, showing my age). The history review, of the long overdue success brought on by the Highway to Hell album, Bon’s death from drinking (so they say), and the Back in Black themed album “tribute” featuring Johnson is well done, though I wish it were longer. Comments by Malcom and Angus are great, it’s kinda scary to see Angus looking normal without his schoolboy uniform and back pack.

And, it is strangly reassuring to see that Angus’ receding hairline matches my own!

Highly recommended, and used to continue my 15 year old’s education into my world of Rock N Roll.

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