bookrev: JLA Vol. 1: New World Order by Grant Morrison

3 stars: Great artistry, predicatable story, glad the JLA seven are back together

This book was originally JLA #1-#4.

It’s great to have Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, Flash, Green Latern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter reunited again. With this much power, you have to have large enemies. Unfortunately the story of an alien race coming to invade is tired and predictable.

Batman has a great part in this story, as he usually is overshadowed by the others. And the balance of Flash and the young Green Latern’s goofiness vs. the seriousness of the others always makes this team work great.

My son’s favorate pane: page 82, of course with Flash and GL (“low quality finish, Lantern.” “Yeah? Kiss my ring, buddy”. My is on 83, an excellent drawing of WonderWoman battling Primaid.

Fantastic artistry, all of the JLA members are drawn superbly. Hoping the story gets better with the next one.

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