tunrev: Old Places, Old Faces – Joe Sample

A beautiful jazz album that flows through every numbersample-old-places.jpg

I’ve had this album for a long time, just listened to it again last night. I was amazed how the songs flow together and that every track on the album is memorable and listenable.

Starting with the simple clean piano on “Free Yourself”, with the percussion and bass flowing in, and ending with “Angels on my Mind”, again clean piano chords and lead, with it’s somewhat somber, somewhat hopeful tone, this album should be listened to straight through over and over.

My favorites are “Hippies on a Corner” which always gets me moving (and has a great background story that Joe tells in concerts before he plays it; the refrain is great in this song) and “Black and White” with it’s single note melody opening.

Fantastic album, recommended for jazz fans, piano fans.

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