bookrev: JLA, Vol. 2: American Dreams by Grant Morrison

4 stars: Two good stories, fantastic artistry

These were originally published as JLA #5-#9.

Unlike the first JLA collection, there are two good story lines in here: the angels, with Zauriel vs. Asmodel with the JLA joining Zauriel; and the Key, using the virtual mind probes on the JLA. Both excellent enemies for the combined might of the JLA.

As I’m reading these, I realize the perils of “collection” stories…there are events that happen to the individuals in their own books that are represented but not explained. For instance, in this one Superman is a being of pure energy, wearing a flouresant blue suit that contains the energy and allows him to use it. Gotta ask my son what’s going on to keep up.

Favorite panel: my son and I agree this time: page 7, GL and Flash are playing a GL manufactured Rock’M’Sock’M robots, talking about how scary Batman is and the changes in Superman. These two always provide the humor. But in a different tone, on page 30 and 31, Flash ends up giving advice and counsel to Superman, on being who he is…then he jets back to being Flash.

Also like the entrance of the young Green Arrow.

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