bookrev: JLA Vol. 4: Strength in Numbers by Grant Morrison

4 stars: Some great opponents, two many JLAers

These stories were originally published as JLA #16-#23.

The stories begin with Superman, Aquaman and Batman reforming the JLA that was disbanded in the last book. It is never made clear why the JLA was disbanded by the three, and, when it is put back together at the end of the first story in this issue, it is the same characters as before, plus Zauriel, Huntress, Steel and Plastic Man (with Oracle behind the scenes). Maybe they disbanded cause the old rules said they could only have seven? And, not that I’m arguing, but who put Superman, Batman and Aquaman in charge? I guess no Wonder Woman at the top because she died and her place was taken by her mother? Superman says the league is the world’s only hope, it may be that they needed to add more talents to defeat upcoming opponents.

The storylines with Prometheus and Julian September are excellent, the last two with Adam Strange and the Sandman less so. Prometheus makes his powers equal to all of the JLAers…but he forgets a couple of new members and interlopers. He escapes so expect to see him in later books. Julian September opens up the world to probabilities and events that are million to one shots begin happening regularly. Both of these are great challenges for the team.

Favorite panels: the pictures of the reformed JLA, pg 24, 52 and 90 are spectacular. And the panel on page 202 with J’onn looking down on the eastern Canada, Great Lakes, Greenland area with the monster in the water is great.

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