bookrev: JLA Vol. 3: Rock of Ages by Grant Morrison

4 stars: An excellent time travel story

These were originally published as JLA #10-#15.

The story throws a few large curves in the beginning. The unexpected part of the Justice League is that all of the characters have their own story lines, so major events like Wonder Woman dying and Superman turning into pure energy contained in a blue and white suit happen outside of the JLA stories. But having Aztec join the JLA in his own story, not in a JLA story is asking a bit much of the reader (at least he has the grace to leave the JLA in a JLA story!). This should have been handled in the flow, kind of like the old Green Arrow’s son taking over his place when the JLA fought the Key.

The other major twist is that the plot starts out as a battle with the newly formed Lex Luthor brainchild The Injustice Gang. This would have been quite ho-hum IMHO. I am quite happy that it took a mind-bending turn into back and forth time travel and multiple-dimensions, in a story worthy of our heroes. The ending of the story is a little forced, but the storyline gives the members many situations to show who they are beneath their powers, which is what makes the League a great book.

Our favorite panels: my son’s is page 129, an excellent sketch of J’onn, Superman and Batman with Plasticman in the background. Mine is page 50, Bruce Wayne and Robin in the batcave, with Bruce, mask off, half way being Bruce and halfway being Batman.

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