bookrev: JLA Vol 9: Terror Incognita by Mark Waid

The White Martians rise again!JLA Terra Incognita

These were originally published as JLA #55 – #60.

The White Martians, J’onn the Martian Manhunters ‘evil counterparts’ if you will, were first defeated in JLA: New World Order. The White Martians lay a trip for J’onn, thinking that taking him out first is the key to defeating the JLA. The shape shifting Martians were ‘wished’ out of their hypnotic state inadvertently by J’onn while battling ID (United We Stand).

The White Martians should be a great foe for the JLA. But their defeat, while clever (think oxygen and fires, no spoiler here) is somewhat contrived and convenient.

This issue also contains Bipolar Disorder (JLA vs. Polaris infected with a Joker toxin) and a JLA Christmas tale that is better left unread.

Fav panels: page 50, Superman with the White Martians behind him masquerading as the rest of the JLA; page 85, Superman, WonderWoman and GL pulling the moon closer to the Earth.

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