bookrev: JLA Vol 7: Tower of Babel by Mark Waid

Batman vs. the JLAJLA Tower of Babel

These were originally published as JLA #42-#46, JLA Secret Files #3 and JLA 80 page Giant #1.

Similar to how J’onn the Martian Manhunter kept files on all of the JLAers in the beginning, Batman has investigated each of them. But apparently Bats has gone further, developing methods to defeat each of the JLAers, ostensibly if someone or something takes over their minds or bodies.

One of Batman’s arch enemies, Ra’ al Ghul, uses his daughter to get into Bruce Wayne/Batman’s life, and steal these files, using them to defeat each one of the JLAers. And uses what he thinks is Batman’s own weakness (i.e., his parents) against him.

JLA wins again, as they always do, through teamwork. But they then kick Batman out of the JLA for his actions, as they can no longer feel they can trust him.

This is why the JLA is one of the best graphic series around. The interaction of the heroes, each with their own strengths and flaws, shines through. Batman has long stood on his own, aloof from the rest of the League, and now he is out…at least until the next story.

Fav panel: page 67, Superman and the Red Kyptonite. Now that’s gotta hurt.

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