bookrev: JLA Vol. 10: Golden Perfect by Joe Kelly

JLA Golden PerfectWonder Woman front and center

These were originally published as JLA #61 – #65.

Wonder Woman is usually an ensemble character at best in the JLA series. But, in this first storyline written after Mark Waid’s steady hand (written by Joe Kelly), Diana, Princess of the Amazons, takes center stage. A child is kidnapped in a strange land, and Diana, always seeking the truth, comes to a paradox, where there are multiple truths, and her precious Lasso of Truth, the Sacred Rope of Hestia, is “torn asunder” by Diana pursuit of her only belief of what is right. And it breaks the very foundations of truth for the rest of the world and humanity. Wonder Woman must go on a quest to rebuild it, as the other members of the JLA battle events brought down by the distruction of quantum mechanical laws (yes, you read correctly. pg76 Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, explained by the Atom in a JLA graphic novel!).

An excellent story, as Wonder Woman discovers that there can be many truths, showing the frailties and strengths of one of the core members of the league.

Fav panels: pg 102, Wonder Woman with her lasso (of course), and the opposing page of Batman on top of Plastic Man making like a gargoyle.

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