tunrev: Music Evolution – Buckshot LeFunque (Branford Marsalis)

Great music, whether you call it jazz, fusion, rap, R&BMusic Evolution

This is one of those rare albums that you want to listen to over and over again, where you keep hearing new pieces you never heard before.

Like on the track “James Brown Part I and II”: Carl Burnett’s starting guitar, followed by a drum machine? then the horns, with Branford on tenor and David Sanborn on Alto, point/counter point all the way through. One of my favorite driving songs. Then part II goes into record scrachin’ rappin’….then back to the horns. Fantastic.

“Another Day” slows it down, smooth. Then “Try These On” is one of the best mixes of jazz, rap, everything, that I’ve heard…always with Branford’s horn.

“Samba Pop” starts out with a descriptive lyric: “Even if it’s jazz in the quiet storm/Bebop converted in a hip hop form”. That describes this track perfectly.

And don’t miss the unnamed unmarked bonus track (#17 on the CD)…a very tight 4+ minute jazz tune.

I keep wishin’ for a 3rd Buckshot album. How ’bout it, Branford? PLEASE!

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