bookrev: JLA Vol. 5: Justice for All by Grant Morrison

4 stars: One poor story at the beginning, then three excellent ones

These were originally published as JLA #24-33.

The first story arc (Executive Action, Scorched Earth and Our Army at War) has a pretty lame premise and a weak ending. The premise is that a General would override the President of the US and would authorize an action against the JLA because they were protecting the rest of the world (in addition to the USA). The Army Ultramarine Corps are X-men knock-offs. The villan is pretty interesting, but the way that get rid of him (no spoilers here) is lame.

The last three stories are quite good.

The Atom gets recruited back into the JLA and saves the day against Amazo…although the way they beat him is trite, it’s the only way they could given that Amazo absorbs all their powers.

The Crisis Time Five story arc is excellent, and brings back the JSA members to fight alongside the JLAers. Two 5th dimension beings, including original JSA/JLA founder Triumph’s (I missed the episode where he was the founder?) Thunderbolt, are fighting and destroying the Earth. Interesting new non-JLA characters in this story.

And in the last one, a nice “Gotham City is a disaster, Bruce Wayne is to blame story”.

Favorite panel: page 132, where Captain Marvel (guest star) KO’s Superman!

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