movrev: The Marine

3 stars: The worst action movie with a collection of sci-fi movie extras

It looked like a good formula: fight scenes, good sci-fi film extras moving over into a semi-martial movies (WWE?), gorgeous blonde (hey, I’m a guy). The previews looked good, my son and I were set for a good rock’em sock’em.

Don’t bother. This movie is not worth the time. And this time, my 16 year old son and I both agree. If there is a category for the worst action movies whose cast includes former sci-fi extras, this stinker would win hands down.

How can you take a movie with Robert Patrick(Terminator, X-Files, Stargate Atlantis), Anthony Ray Parker (Dozer from The Matrix), throw in big bad John Cena (a Rock wanna be?) and Kelly Carlson and come out with this?

I’ll only relate one scene: Robert Patrick, leader of the crooks who are tromping through the swamp with Kelly (who plays Cena’s wife) and some diamonds. He gets a call (cell phone signal in a swamp?) from his partner who he is supposed to deliver the diamonds to, tells him he is double crossing him, gets another call, swaps over to it, and it’s his satellite guy confirming hook for sat TV.

It doesn’t qualify to be categorized as martial arts. I’d give it less than 3 stars, but if I dislike something that much I don’t usually write about it. The only reason I’m taking two minutes to type this up is to suggest you not waste your time like I did…but my son and I did get to talk bad about the movie together (quality time!).

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