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Brand of the Werewolf (Doc Savage #5) 1

Brand of the Werewolf (Doc Savage #5)

According to one source, Brand of the Werewolf is the best selling Doc Savage Bantam reprint,selling over 185,000 copies. In the Bantam series, this book marks the  first appearance of Pat Savage, Doc’s cousin,...

The Red Spider (Doc Savage #95) 0

The Red Spider (Doc Savage #95)

The Red Spider stands out in the long list of Dog Savage books for several reasons: It was purchased for Doc Savage magazine in 1948, but was not published until this Bantam book in...

Fortress of Solitude (Doc Savage #23) 1

Fortress of Solitude (Doc Savage #23)

Superman’s Arctic hideout of the same name may be more well-known; but The Man of Bronze, Doc Savage, has a similar blue domed research facility in the Arctic that predates Superman by 25 years....

Iraq’s impact on Iran 0

Iraq’s impact on Iran

With many people in our democracy cheering the Iranians and their marching in the streets to ensure that their last election was indeed fair and democratic, I cannot help but wonder how much influence...

Echoes of Glory by Robert Flynn 2

Echoes of Glory by Robert Flynn

Bob Flynn is an award winning author of novels and stories about Texas and Vietnam, two places and cultures that he is well acquainted with through personal experience. In his new novel, Echoes of...

Ong Bak 2 with Tony Jaa 0

Ong Bak 2 with Tony Jaa

A good martial arts movie doesn’t need subtitles or bad English dubbing to be enjoyed! Martial arts movies can be campy or classy, too much wire or too much blood, short on story and...

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