movrev: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

4 stars: Funny, G-girl is fabulous, but the ending is trite

An excellent dual-role for Uma Thurman, as she plays shy art studio worker Jenny Johnson and her alter-ego super hero G-girl. Jenny/G-girl is nuerotic and lonely, so when Matt (Luke Wilson) tries to do something nice and heroic for her, she literally goes crazy for him. Matt tries to break it off with his super girlfriend, and that’s when everything starts flying.

Rainn Wilson is great as Vaughn, Matt’s quick/foul mouthed womanizing friend. Great interaction between Matt and Vaughn.

The sex scenes are hilarious (PG-13 rating), as are the scenes where G-girl/Jenny tries to have a normal life, especially when Matt knows who she really is (should she interrupt a date to save the city and leave Matt with another woman at the table? decisions, decisions!).

G-girl’s arch nemesis Professor Bedlam (aka Barry) has a history with G-girl from high school. I would have liked more about what Bedlam had done that made him a villan, that would have made his character more believable and helped the ending.

My only complaint was that the ending was somewhat trivialized and forced. But this is a very funny and enjoyable movie, watched and enjoyed by my wife, myself and our teenage son.

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