tunrev: Autumn – George Winston

5 stars: His best, and one of the most enjoyable solo piano albums ever

I first heard this album when I was taking classical piano courses in college. It was, and still is, an inspiring album for a piano player, as much for the mixture of styles as it is for the sheer pleasure of the tunes.

This is my favorite George Winston album, even though I have worn out December over the holidays. The songs evoke so many mental images.

The initial track, “Colors/Dance” always makes me picture a ride through the woods, with it’s simple melody and background chord progression.

“Longing/Love” is one of those songs you want to play, even if you don’t know how to play the piano.

My favorite track is “Moon”, starting out slightly fast paced that the other tunes with a little sustain pedal, then slowing down but still with the echo and answer.

I’ve seen Mr. Winston in concert once, delightful if you get the chance.

Great for piano students, lovers of jazz or classical music, or just for a relaxing rainy Sunday afternoon.

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