bookrev: Never on my Knees by John T. Webb

Never on my Knees5 stars: Great historical fiction of the Choctaw Indians

Never On My Knees is a riveting story of a clan of Choctaw Indians, from their time in Mississippi on the banks of the Yazoo River, through movement to the Indian Territory, up through the Civil War. The story follows the clan of Joseph Kiamichi, his sister Misty and various other relations and friends through these temultuous times, showing character through prejudice, war and forced movement.

Author John T. Webb has mixed excellent historical research (including places and people) with the ficticious Kiamichi clan to present a realistic picture of these struggles. The characters are strong and well developed, with a devotion to their Choctaw heritage even as their bloodlines become mixed and their nation becomes torn apart.

My family has Choctaw heritage somewhere in the past, and I highly recommend this story to anyone who is seeking a novel that gives a good representation of their times from 1830 (when the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek stated the Choctaw’s movement to the Indian Territory through the Trail of Tears) through to the Civil War, and the Choctaw’s decision to side with the Confederacy. This is also an excellent novel for historical fiction fans. My one regret with the novel is that it did not portray the trip through the Trail of Tears, choosing rather to portray the Kiamichi clan outside the government registration and movement program.

If the author or anyone associated with his publishing company reads this review, I would appreciate it if they would get in contact with me through this website.

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5 Responses

  1. debra burnham says:

    i just came across your web and book never on my knees the nmae kiamichi is in my family name has been passed down to my grandmothers mothers sister this was an name to remmber i was told when im searching our indian bloodline and this name struck a vain in me just wanted to let you know

  2. larry says:

    Thanks Debra. It’s an excellent book if you haven’t read it.

  3. jane karacson says:

    I have a signed copy of this book by John T. Webb, 12/25/91. My brother did some painting, in his house, and got the signed copy for me. I am Chippewa. jane

  4. Traci B says:

    Back in 1987 when he first published Never on My Knees, Mr. Webb came to the newspaper where I worked as a cub reporter. He was going to be at a book signing at the Noxubee County Library in Macon, site of the Dancing Rabbit Creek treaty, so I interviewed him since Macon was part of my beat.

    Mr. Webb started Bokhoma House and self published Never on My Knees because he couldn’t garner any interest from the traditional publishing houses. This was his first novel; he was a retired contractor and took up writing as a second career. He was 75 when I met him; I don’t know if he’s still alive.

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