a republican invades the Texas democratic primary

In Texas your party affiliation resets every year. So even though I’ve voted republican in the last six presidential elections (except for a minor dalliance with an independent for which I have forgiven myself) , today I invaded the democratic primary polling place.

McCain didn’t need my vote. Ron Paul could have used it but while Mr. Paul has some great ideas, his debate appearances have not convinced me that he has enough leadership and charisma for the big office.

My wife went to the republican polling place. She said there were 8 people in line.

I tried to get here (I typing this from the voting line) early but couldn’t shake free and now I am enjoying the voting process with lots of Dems. Lots.

I am in line with approx 400 people. And yes I am geekboy typing on my blackberry.

And, you know, these Dems ain’t all bad. They are kind of normal…like republicans…sort of. Regular folk. But they are more excited this time, because they have a contest and candidates that are much more exciting.

Frankly, and I know these folks are volunteers, but the voting is not setup very efficiently. Efficiency is the hallmark of republicans I guess. There are only six voting booths here and at least two precincts are voting here. There was one precinct and eight booths where my wife voted. They must have the place laid out for the caucus to follow. Lines come in from outside (and there are still a lot of folks outside the doors at 620) and go in three lines up to the stage to sign in. The booths are right behind the check in desks, which would be great if there we’re only 8 of is here. But after you get your voting slip you excuses your self through the three lines to go into the 150 person voting line.

Which is where I find myself now.

Why am I here? The battle of our era, of course. Clinton versus Obama.

The blackberry speller doesn’t know how to spell obama. Something tells me that will change.

Texas normally has no interest in primaries. They are normally decided by the time we get up to bat. But this time its different and the turnout here reflects that.

I’ve obviously made up my mind in this battle, but I’m still contemplating the next and larger skirmish. I haven’t decided if I will go with McCain and experience (some might call it age) or Obama and charisma / unity (and very little experience).

But I am extremely pleased and proud to be here with what now looks like 600 of my new Dem buddies.

UPDATE: It took me two hours, but it was well worth it to put forth my opinion…which is worth exactly one vote. There was a line that wrapped around the elementary school when I left a little before seven.

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  1. I applaud you for staying in line the 2 hours it took to cast your vote, be it for a democrat or a republican. Lots of folks would have given up.

    Love that shirt too.

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