music notes: Live at Luther College – Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds

5 stars: Two virtuoso’s captured live

Unfortunately, you cannot capture the brilliance of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live on an album. But this one comes close.

We saw this dynamic duo in Oxford England March 2007, as they played for more than three hours. Their performance live is unmatchable.

This album demonstrates yet again what an amazing songwriter, singer and acoustic guitar player Dave Matthews is…and it shows glimpses of the amazing talent that is Tim Reynolds. Dave’s lyrics shine in this acoustic set more so than in DMB studio albums, as his voice becomes the third instrument in this duo. Through Dancing Nancies, #41, Dancing Nancies and Cry Freedom, Dave’s songwriting expertise is more visible than with the full band. Tim Reynolds is amazing live and in person, and my one issue with this album is that his contributions aren’t noticeable unless you know what you are listening for. But you can certainly hear his lead licks on #41, Dancing Nancies and Say Goodbye.

And it took me awhile, but I recognized the acoustic “Little Thing” (something “Dave and Timmy had been working on”) as “An’ Another Thing” from Some Devil…both versions are great.

An excellent album, see them in concert if you get the chance.

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  1. July 8, 2007

    […] These types of “benefit concerts” are old news, leaving most people to sleep through them; I would have except my wife saw Dave Matthews on and we were hooked (go Dave, where was Tim?); […]

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