Ice Road Truckers – The Final Episode

I’m not sure what it was about this short (10 episode) series that entertained my family. It could have been any combination of:

  • a locale, the Northwest Territories, that most of us have never or will never see;
  • the characters;
  • the competition (the dash for the cash);
  • the difficulty in driving over ice while freezing your butt off.

And, yes, as I predicted (and anyone could tell), they advertised Season 2 at the end of the show. Because of it’s notoriety, there will be quite a few more rookies on the ice next year, giving the History Channel more wrecks and more trauma, no doubt.

Of the 800 truckers that started, only 125 finished, including Hugh, Alex, TJ and Jay whom the story followed. The goal for the season was 10,000 loads, they made 10,922 loads in 72 days.

In the final episode:

  • if the trucks get stuck at one of the mines when the season and the ice road closes, they have to pay to have their truck flown back in a Hercules transport;
  • Hugh gets in a wreck, has to go get one of the trucks that Rick or Drew abandoned to make his last load;
  • the shots from the air at the end of the roads melting back into the lake were pretty surreal.

Hugh wins the dash for the cash

Hugh – 722 – $58,400 – 37 loads

Alex – 648 – $57,000 – 36 loads

Jay – 542 – $57,500 – 35 loads

TJ – 363 – $37,000 – 23 loads

Rick – 374 – $28,000 – 18 loads

Drew – 220 – $19,000 – 13 loads

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3 Responses

  1. larry says:

    Just FYI, the History Channel is going to replay all of season one starting this Sunday, August 26. Skip the one episode where Drew quits (cause it’s boring) and enjoy the rest!

  2. Denise says:

    Are we going to get another season of these guys? I’d love to see these guys do this again.

  3. admin says:

    Denise, good question. The History Channel advertised a season 2 at the end of the final episode, but there are rumors going around that the Canadian government is thinking about building a permanent road. I haven’t seen the reunion show yet (it’s recorded) so maybe more details soon.

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