Rockets 07-08: T-Mac out, 4 Losses in a row

Did someone say “flashback”?

A win at Charlotte to start the week, then the loss of a winnable game at Memphis that starts the current four game skid, with Dallas coming up on Wednesday. After starting 6-1 and being ranked the top team in the league, the Rockets are now 6-5, staring .500 in the face.

T-Mac strains his elbow during the Lakers home game, and the hometown Rockets go on to lose that game, a road game at SA (where they played close until the stretch), and last night’s home game with Phoenix, where they looked like a team playing the last of 4 games in 5 nights without their leading scorer.

The good news? (1) Luis Scola, 20 points against both the Spurs and the Suns; (2) the motion offense finally got some motion; (3) McGrady will be back on the court for Wednesday’s home game with Dallas.

and (4) it’s only November.

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