Rocks beat the Lake Show, 22 in a row and 1st in the West

1st place in the Western Conference must feel good, but how they got there, with many people playing a part, must make them feel even better. Lakers down, Celtics next up in Tuesday night (after playing in SA on Monday night).

Watch the ESPN highlights for a nice graphic of Shane Battier’s hand in Kobe’s face…on almost every shot. And a nice 4th quarter block of a Kobe jumper. (Fran Blinebury from the Houston Chronicle has a nice shout out to Shane on the work he does every night).

T-Mac gets zero points in the first half but the Rockets still lead by 15.

Rafer Alston cements himself into the elite point guards of this season with trey after trey after trey.

And Bobby Jackson, whom I and many others were about to dismiss and start a “play Aaron Brooks more” campaign, finally shows why Adelman traded for him.

Playoff season is looking better and better.

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