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Those wonderful boys at had a contest to giveaway a movie called Sands of Sands Of OblivionOblivion, with Serenity stars Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin and somehow I won a copy.

They posted a guest review I wrote of this SciFi channel DVD. (here’s a clip below):

BOTTOM LINE: I’m glad I didn’t pay for it (thanks, SF Signal) but the Egyptian lead in and theme creates an interesting premise; just keep in mind it was free on the SciFi Channel and worth every penny.

My wife enters a lot of contests; last year, she won a trip to the Super Bowl and took me. I told her I won this movie on an SF Signal contest and I’d let her watch it with me to even the score.

After watching it, I’m still in her debt by a large amount and may owe her more.

With stars from Serenity and Charmed, it looked like there was something for the whole family in this movie: science fiction and Anara for me, Adam Baldwin for my wife, and Charmed/Serenity stars for my son (although my son believes Alyssa Milano was the only Charmed star, and his black belt Barbie fixation rivals John’s Summer Glau poetry).

And the premise is interesting and based on some fact. DeMille did film the 1923 version of The Ten Commandments in the sand dunes near the beach in central California. And he did indeed dynamite the massive, realistically built set.

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