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The second book in Ms. Meyer’s Twilight series, New Moon brings the werNew Moon by Stephanie Meyerewolves into the storyline, and expands the world of the vampires, while extending the relationship of Bella and Edward to include Jacob, old family friend and new werewolf. The triangle mirrors that of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake / Jean Claude / Richard human-vampire-werewolf relationship, but without the gratuitous sex.

Fresh from an encounter with a stalker vampire who nearly killed her, Bella (a “danger magnet”) is thrown into harms way again by innocently cutting her finger on wrapping paper around a birthday present at a party thrown by the Cullens, Edward’s family (of vampires). The blood from the paper cut throws Jasper Cullen into a blood frenzy, with Edward once again saving her in the nick of time.

Edward decides that he endangers Bella by remaining near here, so, in spite of obvious feelings, he leaves, telling her that he no longer wants her. Bella falls into a multi-month stupor (well told by pages with only the name of the months on them), and is only brought out of it by renewing her friendship with Jacob Black, son of her father Charlies friend Billy, of the local indian tribe.

Jacob and some of the other boys in the tribe have the werewolf gene, and they begin hunting in packs to stop rogue vampires that are after Bella.

Similar to Twilight, the action picks up towards the end of the story (no spoilers), which involves a messy reunion with Edward, and a meeting with the oldest vampire clan in the world. As in other depictions, these vampires and werewolves do not like each other much, lending tension to the triangle.

As with the first, well-written and well-paced, a quick read even with several hundred pages. Some large suspension of belief is required for this one, especially where it concerns Bella wanting to be a vampire, even after she sees the old Italian vampires munching on tourists. The romance angle (wanting to be with Edward for eternity) I sure works on the target audience. But I enjoyed the world she has created, Ms. Meyer’s version of vampires and werewolves, and a break from too much sex and blood (but still lots of teenage lust)!

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