The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey: Season 3 coincidences

After watching season three of both The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey (yes, I watch it with my wife; admit it, you do too), my brain has picked up on some strange connections? Coincidences? Shared writers? They are both somewhat science fiction, aren’t they?



ThemeZombies want to be treated as equals to the living...or else eat them.

Yeah, equality. That's what they want. Or maybe some salt.
The servants want to be treated as equal to the manor-born...or else eat with them.There's always social upheaval between the classes.
Good-looking Blonde Needlessly Killed off in Season 3 finale
Matthew Crawley
Contract didn't last past season three, hmmmm? And Andrea's role continues in the graphic novels (which is a cool word for comic book)

My wife says he's good looking...honest!
Mother needlessly killed off in season 3
Lady Sybil
Another contract issue? Or both needing to setup a future story line?
Leading Man's Leadership is Questioned
Lord Granthem
Rick is seeing visions of his dead wife, hearing voices...normal stuff.

Lord Grantham is making bad investments. bad business decisions and choosing the wrong doctor...normal stuff.

And for this their leadership gets questioned? No slack?
Main buildings
The Prison
Highclere Castle
Both are in need of some repair.

And both are prisons for some (whoa! Philosophical time-out)
The walkers
Lord and Lady Granthem and Family
Both groups have everything they want, including someone to feed them.
The walkers
The walked -on
If only there wasn't a caste system, a sense of class differentiation...oh, look....brains.
Who would win a race (or a cricket match!) between...The walkersThe CrawleysThe Crawleys could at least get their servants to race for them.
Old person in cast who for some reason is still alive
Dowager Countess
Despite immobility (both need canes), grey hairs and advanced years, they keep livin' while those around them are dyin'. Must have good contracts.

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