Pikes Peak Ascent training – Week 1

For those interested, the introductory strategy post (A Hopefully Logical Approach to the Insanity of Running up a Mountain) is at the link. This is week one of Pikes Peak Ascent training. As I described in that post, I’m going to follow the Hanson’s Half plan, but lengthen some of the runs where I have time. Since the Hanson beginner Marathon plan is very similar to this idea, I’m going to track that plan (found on Hanson’s website) as well.

Pikes Peak Ascent Week 1 schedule:

  • Monday: schedule doesn’t start until Wednesday – EASY RUN 3.5 mi in 32:50  9:22 min/mi
  • Tuesday: schedule doesn’t start until Wednesday – EASY RUN 3.59 mi Run 32:53 9:10 min/mi.
  • Wednesday: off. Did this one better than Monday!
  • Thursday: easy 3 mi  (this week, the Hanson half and full/beginner schedules are exactly the same)- EASY RUN 4.51 mi Run 40:08 8:54 min/mi. In Dallas for business, my normal hotels near the Campion trails were booked. New hotel we near Thomas Jefferson park in Irving. Nice park around a lake. I noticed most of the people I passed were Indian (not Comanche/Choctaw/Cherokee like me, but from India), then I saw this memorial in the park. From far away I though the statue was wear a lei so I was wonder why a Hawaiian would have a statue. Then I got close enough for my bad old eyes, and had the aha moment.

GhandiMonument In a park, in the middle of a bunch of apartments, a very nice monument to Mahatma Ghandi. Pretty cool.HillInIrving

  • Friday: off – EASY RUN 4.16 mi Run 36:33 8:48 min/mi in the same park in Irving. I waved at Ghandi on the way by…and I found the only hill in this part of Texas!
  • Saturday: easy 3 mi – EASY RUN 4.01 mi Run 38:22, 9:35 min/mi. Back in Houston
  • Sunday: easy 4 mi – EASY RUN 6.75 mi Run 1:03:58, 9:29 min/mi; feeling a lot better than when I started last time

Total recommended: 10 mi (3+3+4 easy) but the scheduled didn’t start until Wednesday

Actual: 26.5 mi (3.5+3.59+4.51+4.16+4.01+6.75 easy). Last time through the plan, 20.5 miles in Week 1.

Next week’s schedule (Pikes Peak Ascent training week two) is a total of 15 miles (5 easy runs, two off days) in both the half and the full/beginner schedules. I plan on keeping to my 20+ miles per week, and will match up with the Wednesday off days.

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