1993 Silver Oak and a Special Occasion

My wife had purchased two magnums of 1993 Silver Oak Alexander Valley 1993 Silver Oak Alexander Valleyseveral years ago. One we gave to our friend Monte for his birthday, one she gave to me to save for a special occasion.

Silver Oak has been my favorite Cab for quite some time. I was concerned that his one had gone bad, because we went 13 days without electricity during hurricane IKE. But, fortunately the first few days were cool, and then we had a generator to plug the important stuff (like the coffee make and the wine fridge) into.

A Magnum of this highly rated wine (see here for ratings on it) calls for a special occasion.

And that occasion was a night at home with my beautiful wife, a little sausage and cheese, and two movies that don’t go together as well as the wine went with the evening.

Yes, we watched Mama Mia and Blood Diamond back to back. A comedy musical and a serious bloody political movie one right after the other.

But the special lady and the long awaited wine made it that much better.

We cracked up at Mama Mia; something about, as my son describes it, seeing James Bond in a romantic musical, with the music of Abba was hilarious…especially when my son got home and started singing dancing queen off key (which hurt my brain, as I was listening to heavy metal like Judas Priest when Abba was popular, so to hear my son sing it….oy vay). That song does get in your head, doesn’t it? If you do watch the movie, make sure and wait through the credits to see Bond and the other men in their Elvis suits singing with the girls…worth the price of the admission right there.

Watching movies with my wife is a thrill, as she can play the “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game (where you name all of the movie stars, what other movies they’ve been in and who they have been in them with) better than anyone.

Following that with the serious and somewhat tense Blood Diamond was either a genius or dunce move, but it certainly was more relaxing watching it after Mama Mia than reversing the order. It made Leonardo’s fake South African accent almost tolerable…and again, my wife pointed out every character.

My friend Daniel Brenton does a gratitude watch web site and posting, where he points out what people are grateful for. Daniel my friend, it is easy and obvious to me: every day with a decent (in this case smashing) bottle of wine and my beautiful wife is day for gratitude. Some would call it “the little things in life”, but it’s more than that. Some wise man (me after the Silver Oak, perhaps) once said: Success doesn’t buy happiness, but happiness often leads to success. In Daniel’s posts, people give gratitude for happenings big and small, but the key is that those happenings are all around us everyday.

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    […] Man”) and blogger of Dusk Before the Dawn (and Twitter user @lketchersid)gives us “1993 Silver Oak and a Special Occasion,” an appreciation of a night taken for a special wine, for film, for Mrs. K., and an acknowledgement […]

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