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Many readers and authors do not realize that Amazon’s Kindle solution works on a wide variety of devices. Amazon has a “Kindle everywhere” strategy, and has released versions for iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC, Blackberry, Android and now a beta for the Web (and a forthcoming version for Windows Phone 7). Amazon’s main page for describing their Kindle software offering is here.

Unfortunately, not all capabilities are supported on all devices. This is changing with new releases of the software and updated devices. From my own experiences, the Kindle for iPhone and iPad is the most feature rich (allowing image zoom which is quite useful on iPad, and embedded audio and video via HTML5);  the Kindle for Blackberry seems to be lagging behind, not yet allowing the addition of notes and highlights, nor supporting the advanced features of HTML5 and image zooming. The Android version was a bit of a pain, as I had to flash the software on the Samsung Moment device I was testing; otherwise the Kinlde software would not download from a link or show up in the Android Market.

To see the capabilities of the other devices in the market besides Kindle, see this list.

We’ve been working on multiple eBook projects that require audio, video, enhanced imagery, and synchronization of notes and highlights and have all of these versions for testing. The table below is my own cheat sheet of current versions and capabilities. I’ve left out the obvious features (such as the ability to change the font size, synchronizing last page read across versions, etc.).

If you see an error or area that needs to be updated or have any other feedback, I’d be glad to hear it.

Kindle 3
Kindle for iPad
Kindle for PC
Kindle for MAC
Kindle for BB
Kindle for Android
Kindle for Web (beta)
PricingWiFi $139Free softwareFree softwareFree softwareFree softwareFree softwareFree software
Device testedWiFi Kindle 3iPad WiFi/3Gnetbook (XP)MAC miniBold (TMobile)Samsung Moment (Sprint)Firefox
Amazon info page (click link)Kindle 3iPad
PCMACBlackberryAndroidWeb preview
Software version3. (beta 1)1.1.0 (90220088)beta web preview
Software sourceon deviceiPad/iPhone AppStoreAmazon (click hereAmazon (click hereBB App WorldAndroid MarketAmazon (for Kindle previews only as of this writing)
Screen resolution600 x 800768 x 1024device dependentdevice dependentdevice dependentdevice dependentdevice dependent
Zoom (one size with click on image)
Zoom (pinch gesture, plus pan)
Can make book full screen, but no zoom
Can make book full screen, but no zoom
Can make book full screen, but no zoom
No zoom or pan
Notes and Highlights - addingYesYesYesYesNoYesNo (preview only)
Notes and Highlights - viewingYesYesYesYesYesYesNo (preview only)
Embedded Audio/VideoNo HTML5 supportHTML5 audio and video tagsNo HTML5 supportNo HTML5 supportNo HTML5 supportNo HTML5 support

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