The Lights are still out at SFSignal

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 5.13.35 AMI glanced at SFSignal this morning, and, as expected, there were no posts yesterday, May 6, 2016. None. Zero.

After 12 years of not missing a day, John got a well-deserved day off.

Some have speculated (ok, some = me) that somewhere in that decade-plus there must have been at least one day. I certainly am not going back through 12 years of archives to double check that claim. One year of posting every day is pretty spectacular; posting for 12 years, through family events and crisis, through Houston hurricanes and thunderstorms, and through the demands of a full-time job…well that’s an extraordinary accomplishment.

What did John do yesterday, with that extra 4-5 hours? Sleep? Have an extra bag of bagels? Catch up on his reading? Run a marathon? 

John has three Hugos, deservedly so. He should have one for every year for the amount of time, effort, care and feeding he has put into the website for so many years (with his only pay being books sent to him by publishers/authors and a small bit of online ad revenue). John recused himself from any more awards after winning the two Fanzine Hugos, mainly because he believes there were others out there like him that put their sweat and time into it and should have a chance to win. He should get another Hugo just for that … and that describes John pretty well. He did it because he really REALLY liked science fiction. He didn’t care about the politics, or the puppies (I’m not sure he likes cats either)…he just liked the genre.

I’ve taken advantage of John’s kindness and good humor and have thus been writing occasional posts for SFSignal for eight years.  I met John in 2007 after I sent in a query to see if there was interest in reviewing a copy of my first book. When he gave me the shipping address, I emailed him that I could walk it to his house faster than the USPS would get it there (sadly true for many transactions these days). We both had worked at Compaq, so we met.

It started out as a great way to get great books before anyone else and interview some very cool people…and meet some outstanding fellow contributors, first online, then at a few of the conventions.

Because of John and SFSignal, last year alone I was able to interview two gentlemen whose works are on my “read everything they put out” list: the legendary Michael Moorcock, and Robert Charles Wilson. I still owe them both a beer (or do they owe me one?), and Mr. Moorcock is in a city where I visit often, so I certainly intend to collect that one.

I was given the opportunity to interview Andy Weir, the legendary James Gunn, and several others. John let me indulge myself with a Doc Savage Primer, a John Carter primer, even an article on Tad William’s Memory, Sorrow and Thorn and its place in Fantasy canon (Fantasy? On SFSignal? Ye Gads!).

And then…there were the books. Did I mention the books?

Now…it’s over. I hope John and JP have taken the time, after the overwhelming outpouring of thanks and support they received in the last couple of days, to reflect on this massive thing that they built. Twelve years…it is quite an accomplishment.

I’m pretty sure John still owes me bagels….and I intend to collect…many times in the future.

Thank you, John, for the opportunities. And…did I mention the books?

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  1. Thanks, Larry!

    Fwiw, I had an honest-to-goodness NTC bagel for breakfast this morning. It was delicious.

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