Review of The King of Plagues by Jonathan Maberry at SFSignal

My review of Jonathan Mayberry’s 3rd Joe Ledger book, The King of Plagues, has been posted on If you haven’t read the books, I strongly suggest reading them from the beginning; they are all “can’t put them down” reads (and I have to read them immediately or my son will steal the books out of my hand).

The Chronology of the series (with links to reviews or download locations):

  • Countdown“, a short story prequel;
  • Patient Zero (linked to my interview with Maberry at SFSignal after this novel was released)
  • The Dragon Factory
  • “Material Winess”, the short story that bridges novels 2 and 3 (to get it, click here, sign up and it will be emailed to you
  • The King of Plagues
  • Assassin’s Code (4th novel, to be released in 2012)
  • Unnamed†5th novel†

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