Synchronicity, Daniel Pinchbeck and SF Signal

From Wikipedia:

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally unrelated. In order to be Synchronous, the events must be related to one another conceptually, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small.

I was in Austin last night and, found out that (synchronicity #1) one of my favorite bookstores BookPeople was featuring a presentation and signing by Daniel Pinchbeck, author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. My editor at The Global Intelligencer, which I write technology articles for, had told me about this book just recently (synch #2). My novel, Dusk Before the Dawn (which has a picture of a temple at Tikal, a Mayan city, on the cover), has many elements of what Mr. Pinchbeck discussed (Mayan culture, a sense of a change in the overall mindset of humanity, people taking a positive approach, etc.) so I was eager to listen to what he had to say (synch #3). I mentioned my book to Mr. Pinchbeck and the fact that so many of the subjects dovetailed.

One of the many topics he mentioned was his research into crop circles, a topic I’d never given much thought to.

Then, after many Austin beers (synch #4-7), I find the following entry, the ultimate Synchronicity (must be synch 13, my lucky number) the next morning on my RSS reader from my buddies at SFSignal:

File under “Why, God, why?”: Tom Green and Crispin Glover have been cast in the sci-fi comedy film, Freezer Burn: the Invasion of Laxdale, which tells the story of aliens from outer space disguised as Dutch oil company executives who buy a local grain silo and promise to create jobs for a failing farm town, but secretly plan to use crop circles to heat up the temperature of the planet and turn Earth into a Club Med for extraterrestrials.

Wow. I agree that coincidences (which I don’t believe in) are happening much more frequently lately, and it may be that, as Mr. Pinchbeck and others (What the Bleep, The Secret, etc.) postulate that a next stage of evolutionary development involving the psyche is taking place .

Or it could be the Negro Modelos, tequila and Bass Ales (my alternative to the psychedelics that Mr. Pinchbeck describes).

I certainly prescribe to the theory that the information age is giving the individual more power and access to more knowledge (and thereby the ability to make their own intelligent decisions instead of being force fed whatever truth is being broadcast on whatever media) than ever before; and therefore individuals are more in control. Whether it is the next stage of evolution after the information age (which was preceded by the agricultural age and industrial age) remains to be seen.

I’ll post my thoughts on Mr. Pinchbeck’s book after I’ve been through it.

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