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Dan Simmons Signing

Dan Simmons book signing at Murder by the Book

Dan Simmons’ new book, The Fifth Heart, was released on March 24th. Not coincidently, Murder by the Book hosted a signing and reading by Mr. Simmons on that same day. It’s always good luck to get a book signed by the author on release day…or at least I’m starting a new tradition that says it […]

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Houston Rockets photos from the 1980s

It is amazing and revealing what you find when cleaning out your attic. We had season tickets for the Houston Rockets for Hakeem Olajuwon‘s entire career (1984 – 2001). I started with tickets in the 2nd level, behind the back board for the price of $99 for a 22 game package at the Summit…that’s right, […]

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Stadium Series Opening

NHL Stadium Series – Hits and Misses

As long time San Jose Sharks fans, we jumped at the chance when long-time season ticket holder Bob (who has been a season ticket holder for so long Sharks GM Doug Wilson calls him for advice) offered tickets to the Stadium Series Outdoor Classic at the semi-new Levi’s Stadium in San Jose (home of the […]

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To Green Angel Tower Part 1

To Green Angel Tower Part 1 re-read – Part One – The Waiting Stone

THE DOOR STOP COMETH!!! This is a big book. In the original hardback it was one of the longest novels ever written. Thus, in turn, this is the longest re-read post in the history of re-read posts. And, of course, it needs to be, since there is a lot to wrap up and a lot […]

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.50.11 PM

TestFlightApp.com goes away February 26, 2015 – use new iOS 8 Test Flight App

The website we have utilized for beta testing of apps, TestFlightApp.com, shuts down on February 26th, 2015. All app testing will be moved to the iOS8 TestFlight app and managed through Apple’s iTunes Connect. As a developer, and a user there are many more PROs to this than CONs. The new TestFlight app for iOS8 […]

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Review of Michael Moorcock's THE WHISPERING SWARM posted at SFSignal

Review of Michael Moorcock’s THE WHISPERING SWARM posted at SFSignal

My review of Michael Moorcock’s new novel The Whispering Swarm (Book one  in The Sanctuary of the White Friars ) has been posted at the two-time Hugo-award winning SFSignal. An excerpt: REVIEW SUMMARY: While billed as an autobiography wrapped around fiction, I know what this is….Mr. Moorcock is finally coming clean. He learned all about The Eternal Champion […]

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My review of Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, the third novel in Tad Williams’ Bobby Dollar series, was posted at SFSignal on Christmas Eve. Does that make it a Christmas miracle? An excerpt: In this the third (but doubtfully final) novel in the Bobby Dollar series, Williams has propped up many questions to be answered: Who in […]

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San Antonio Half Marathon – December 7, 2014

Race day. After 18 weeks following the Hanson’s Half Marathon training program (and two months of running before that to determine if my knees could handle running six days out of seven), it was time to put the wheels to the test. I’d targeted this race for several reasons: it was familiar territory, as I […]

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Pace chart

Half-marathon training: Race Strategy, or, I *may* be overthinking this

After 18 weeks of training, using the Hanson Half Marathon program, the targeted half marathon (the San Antonio RnR Half) is tomorrow. During training, my targeted race pace has been to finish in under 1:50 (my previous best is a 1:52). At a steady pace, this would be about an 8:23 pace. Steady paces are […]

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Month of November

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 17

With all these miles, I’ve been really wearing down my shoes, even though I’ve been alternating them. I got a new pair on Newton’s (Sir Isaacs) on Wednesday, which should give me enough days to break them in before race day. This week the strength run is a 4 x 1 mile on Tuesday, tempo […]


  • Tesla Motors open sources all of their patents. A great headline, and an interesting idea. Open source the patents. Tesla is ahead of the electric car competition, behind the big car companies in sales, so why not? Wonder what it just did to their valuation; probably not much, with a market cap of $25B. But probably saved them a lot in legal fees! #
  • Apple and Beats Three thoughts on the Beats acquisition (or alleged, or rumored, or soon to be). One, this article on Apple wanting to be perceived as a fashion company (and, from Tim Cook's perspective, have the multiples that go along with that vs. the existing painfully low tech multiples). Two, since the Apple stores sell Beats, Apple should have good sell through numbers and a good understanding of not only Beats sell through Apple stores but relative sell through big box stores like Best Buy and Target (which you mentioned in the last episode). Three, Beats acquisition of the Mog streaming service should mix well with the somewhat weak iTunes Radio. And it is only 2% of Apple's cash...so well worth in IMHO. #
  • While investigating the feasibility of a Kindle Fire version of my Grand Canyon app (which is available in the Apple App Store and about to have an update), found this excellent series of articles on developing for the Kindle Fire.     #

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