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Long Run 10 miles

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 11

Cooler weather hath come to South Texas!!! The program is really starting to show the results, making me wonder if I set my target too low on my half-marathon pace. When I was first starting out in this program, it was hot and humid in Houston (over 80 dew point). I had also started running […]

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Deer on McCallister

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 10

This is the halfway point in the 18 week program, and I’ve found my second (?) mistake. I was looking for when the Sunday Easy runs turned into Sunday Long runs…and found that I was supposed to make that change in Week 7. Doh! Actually, I wasn’t too far off. According to the pace chart, my […]

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Tempo Run 4

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 9

As of Tuesday of this week (September 30th) I will have run 150 miles this month. Pretty incredible given my past knee et al history. June was 88, July and August were right at 100 miles. This week the speed run is 5×1000 on Tuesday (which I won’t screw up like last week), tempo run on Thursday  4 […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 3.08.32 PM

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 8

The previous week’s log is here. This week the speed run  is 6×800 on Tuesday, tempo run on Thursday goes up to 4 miles. It also has an 10 miler on Sunday. Total target mileage 40 miles. Week 8 schedule: Monday:easy 6 mi - EASY RUN 4.5mi in 43:18, 9:36 pace.Painters arrived and I had to abort. Good thing, because […]

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Joe Sample

Joe Sample – Old Places, Old Faces

I made a trip down to the Fifth Ward of Houston on Friday. No offense to the people who live there, or who are from there, but the “Five Spot” is not my normal stomping ground; it is a long way from Tomball…but I was pulled there, to the point where I continuously asked my […]

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Tempo run

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 7

There are many articles and books on the effects of practice, or repetitive effort towards the same goal (which marathon and half-marathon training certainly falls into). Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, says that mastery comes with 10,000 hours of practice. But with my martial arts reading and background, I prefer Bruce Lee’s interpretation, which […]

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Stone of Farewell re-read – Part Two – Storm’s Hand

This is the second part of the re-read of Stone of Farewell, the second book in Tad William’s Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. The introductory post is here, if you are interested. The re-read post for The Dragonbone Chair part I, Simon Mooncalf is here. The re-read post for The Dragonbone Chair  part II, Simon Pilgrim is […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 11.34.50 AM

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 6

The previous week’s log is here. This week removes the Monday off (now truly running six days a week), adds in a speed run (12 x 400) on Tuesday, and keeps the tempo run on Thursday. It also has an 9 miler on Sunday. Total mileage really cranks higher, going from 28 miles in Week 5 […]

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Jogging in Dallas

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 5

The previous week’s log is here. This week adds in a tempo run (a run at race pace) on Thursday. It also has an 8 miler on Sunday. Week 5 schedule: Monday:off day Tuesday: easy 5 mi - EASY RUN 5.2 mi in 48.03, 9:12 pace. Wednesday: off day Thursday: Tempo Run 3 mi (with 1.5 easy warm up and […]

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Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 4

The previous week’s log is here. Week 4 has the same schedule as week 3 – five easy runs and two off days. After this, we get into the different tempo and speed work sessions. The first part of this week was in Atlanta. I was in a new hotel because it was close to Piedmont […]


  • Tesla Motors open sources all of their patents. A great headline, and an interesting idea. Open source the patents. Tesla is ahead of the electric car competition, behind the big car companies in sales, so why not? Wonder what it just did to their valuation; probably not much, with a market cap of $25B. But probably saved them a lot in legal fees! #
  • Apple and Beats Three thoughts on the Beats acquisition (or alleged, or rumored, or soon to be). One, this article on Apple wanting to be perceived as a fashion company (and, from Tim Cook's perspective, have the multiples that go along with that vs. the existing painfully low tech multiples). Two, since the Apple stores sell Beats, Apple should have good sell through numbers and a good understanding of not only Beats sell through Apple stores but relative sell through big box stores like Best Buy and Target (which you mentioned in the last episode). Three, Beats acquisition of the Mog streaming service should mix well with the somewhat weak iTunes Radio. And it is only 2% of Apple's cash...so well worth in IMHO. #
  • While investigating the feasibility of a Kindle Fire version of my Grand Canyon app (which is available in the Apple App Store and about to have an update), found this excellent series of articles on developing for the Kindle Fire.     #

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