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Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 6

The previous week’s log is here. This week removes the Monday off (now truly running six days a week), adds in a speed run (12 x 400) on Tuesday, and keeps the tempo run on Thursday. It also has an 9 miler on Sunday. Total mileage really cranks higher, going from 28 miles in Week 5 […]

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Jogging in Dallas

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 5

The previous week’s log is here. This week adds in a tempo run (a run at race pace) on Thursday. It also has an 8 miler on Sunday. Week 5 schedule: Monday:off day Tuesday: easy 5 mi - EASY RUN 5.2 mi in 48.03, 9:12 pace. Wednesday: off day Thursday: Tempo Run 3 mi (with 1.5 easy warm up and […]

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Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 4

The previous week’s log is here. Week 4 has the same schedule as week 3 – five easy runs and two off days. After this, we get into the different tempo and speed work sessions. The first part of this week was in Atlanta. I was in a new hotel because it was close to Piedmont […]

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Stone of Farewell re-read – Part One – Storm’s Eye

This is the DREADED MIDDLE BOOK of the trilogy. And young master Robert Paul Williams has left the appearance that the forces of “good” are in a heap o’ trouble, with King Elias defeating or beating most of his enemies: the heads of Nabban and Hernystir are dead; Naglimund has been taken down by Norns, […]

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Weather in Tomball

Half-marathon training: Hanson’s Week 3

Week 3 has the same schedule as week 2 – five easy runs and two off days Week 3 schedule: Monday:off day Tuesday: easy 4 mi - EASY RUN 4.5 mi in 42.03, 9:17 pace, with negative splits. Dew point was still above 75, but felt great after last week and after the one day of rest. I […]

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Review of Half a King by Joe Abercrombie at SFSignal

My review of Half a King by Joe Abercrombie has been posted by the wonderful, bagel-loving JohnD over at SFSignal.com. An excerpt: ————————– REVIEW SUMMARY: The world-building is not as deep asBest Served Cold and The First Law trilogy, and there is a bit of a quick twist at the end but Half a King is a fast paced enjoyable […]

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Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 2

Week 2 is five EASY RUNs with Monday and Wednesday off. This is the same basic schedule through Week 4. Week 5 adds a tempo run on Thursdays. Week 6 starts the “run 6 days out of seven” putting a easy run on Monday and sped work on Tuesday. By that time, it will be […]

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Half-marathon training: Hanson’s week 1

This is the kickoff week, and the schedule starts on Wednesday, which is always an off day (this is good as I EXCEL at off days). There are only three runs this week, all at the “easy” pace. Since I’ve been running about 20 miles per week leading up to this, I plan on running […]

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What Brett Favre means to Packers fans

I was born in 1961 and became a Packer’s fan shortly there after (reasons why at this link). I split my time with the Packers into four “eras”: Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr and Paul Hornung (1959 – 1967) The Barren Wasteland (1968 – 1991) Brett Favre, Reggie White (1992 – 2007) Aaron Rodgers (2007 to now) […]

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Half-marathon training – giving it another go

I’m starting my notes on yet another attempt at besting my half-marathon PR. The last two attempts have been thwarted by knee, achilles and assorted other issues. I’ve changed up a few things to compensate, and I’m using a running plan that’s different than ones I’ve used before, one that stresses not only more miles […]


  • Tesla Motors open sources all of their patents. A great headline, and an interesting idea. Open source the patents. Tesla is ahead of the electric car competition, behind the big car companies in sales, so why not? Wonder what it just did to their valuation; probably not much, with a market cap of $25B. But probably saved them a lot in legal fees! #
  • Apple and Beats Three thoughts on the Beats acquisition (or alleged, or rumored, or soon to be). One, this article on Apple wanting to be perceived as a fashion company (and, from Tim Cook's perspective, have the multiples that go along with that vs. the existing painfully low tech multiples). Two, since the Apple stores sell Beats, Apple should have good sell through numbers and a good understanding of not only Beats sell through Apple stores but relative sell through big box stores like Best Buy and Target (which you mentioned in the last episode). Three, Beats acquisition of the Mog streaming service should mix well with the somewhat weak iTunes Radio. And it is only 2% of Apple's cash...so well worth in IMHO. #
  • While investigating the feasibility of a Kindle Fire version of my Grand Canyon app (which is available in the Apple App Store and about to have an update), found this excellent series of articles on developing for the Kindle Fire.     #

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