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Hiking in Huntsville State Park

Huntsville State Park is a little over an hour north of Houston, just west of I-45 and a bit south of the city of Huntsville. It was a blue-sky day, semi-low humidity so we were off for another weekend hike. We didn’t see as many “critters” as we saw at Brazos Bend State Park on […]

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The Lights are still out at SFSignal

I glanced at SFSignal this morning, and, as expected, there were no posts yesterday, May 6, 2016. None. Zero. After 12 years of not missing a day, John got a well-deserved day off. Some have speculated (ok, some = me) that somewhere in that decade-plus there must have been at least one day. I certainly […]

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Xcode capitalization problem

Xcode – Simulator vs. Device: CAPITALIZATION matters

There are, obviously and intuitively, differences between testing an iOS app on the Xcode simulator, and testing on a real device. The obvious ones run the gamut from no camera on the simulator to the way the keyboard works differently on both. The intuitive ones, in my mind, come from the fact that the Simulator […]

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That time my wife and I saw Prince live at the Super Bowl

We didn’t think he’d come out. I sure wouldn’t have. The “It never rains at the Super Bowl” adage had come crashing down like so many gallons of sticky, cool moisture. We were enjoying the game, but we were freezing in the rain and the wind…freezing in southern Florida My wife had won tickets to […]

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Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park is an hour drive south of us, and since we are northwest of Houston, it is a lot closer to most Houstonians. We had not been since the kids were little and the weather was perfect this early April weekend for a little hiking. It is $7 per person entrance fee […]

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To Green Angel Tower Part 2

To Green Angel Tower Part 2 re-read – Part One: The Turning Wheel

INTRODUCTORY NOTE: I had originally planned to time these posts with the release of Tad’s new trilogy, The Last King of Osten Ard, so that I would go into those new novels with fresh memories of the original trilogy. So much for the best laid plans for Larry…and Tad…and Mrs. Tad, for that matter. Big […]

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AWS Elastic Transcoder

Using Apple’s HLS for video streaming in apps

Overview All of the apps JoSara MeDia currently has in the Apple app store (except for the latest one) are self-contained; all of the media (video, audio, photos, maps, etc.) are embedded in the app. This means that if a user is on a plane or somewhere that they have no decent network connection that […]

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Civil War and World War I winter parallels

Civil War and World War I winter parallels

I’ve almost finished S.C. Gwynne’s excellent book Rebel Yell – The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson. And the parallels between one scene set in the winter of 1862-1863 with the first winter of World War I are revealing. The Confederate Army is camped for four and a half months over the winter after […]

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Audrey In Quebec City

Quebec City app/enhanced eBook now available for free in the Apple App Store

Quebec City, the app/enhanced eBook I wrote and developed for my gorgeous wife’s birthday (as that’s where we went to explore and celebrate) is now available in the Apple App Store for free…at least until my wife tells me to not make it free. Like our Grand Canyon app that has been the top rated […]

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Race Report: Barr Trail Mountain Race

This race report is a week late, been a busy week (both business and pleasure) since last Sunday’s race (July 19, 2015). Description: I am using this race as a tune-up and track education (it runs the same trail) for next month’s Pikes Peak Ascent. The description of the Barr Trail Mountain Race from their […]


  • This Day In History: July 31, 1964 - Ranger 7, an unmanned U.S. lunar probe, takes the first close-up images of the moon—4,308 in total—before it impacts with the lunar surface northwest of the Sea of the Clouds. and on This Day in History, July 31, 1990, Nolan Ryan wins the 300th game of his career...as a Ranger. #
  • This Day In History: July 27, 1890 - Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in a wheat field outside Auvers-sur-Oise, in France; he died two days later, at the age of thirty-seven. The debate over Van Gogh's physical and mental health continues, with epilepsy, schizophrenia, inner-ear disorder, absinthe and other factors cited as cause of his troubles. #
  • This Day In History: July 26, 1945 - Results of the UK General Election was an unexpected landslide victory for Clement Attlee's Labour Party, over Winston Churchill's Conservatives, giving Labour its first majority government, and a mandate to implement its postwar reforms. Looking back in history, a pretty amazing results given the way Churchill was looked on as a heroic figure. It was a large victory for Labor, and Churchill resigned immediately. Attlee went back to the in-progress Potsdam conference to represent the UK with Truman and Stalin. #
  • Tesla Motors open sources all of their patents. A great headline, and an interesting idea. Open source the patents. Tesla is ahead of the electric car competition, behind the big car companies in sales, so why not? Wonder what it just did to their valuation; probably not much, with a market cap of $25B. But probably saved them a lot in legal fees! #
  • Apple and Beats Three thoughts on the Beats acquisition (or alleged, or rumored, or soon to be). One, this article on Apple wanting to be perceived as a fashion company (and, from Tim Cook's perspective, have the multiples that go along with that vs. the existing painfully low tech multiples). Two, since the Apple stores sell Beats, Apple should have good sell through numbers and a good understanding of not only Beats sell through Apple stores but relative sell through big box stores like Best Buy and Target (which you mentioned in the last episode). Three, Beats acquisition of the Mog streaming service should mix well with the somewhat weak iTunes Radio. And it is only 2% of Apple's cash...so well worth in IMHO. #

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